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My goal is to become top rated seller before 2020 ends

Yes, I am focusing on it,

Maybe I am going against the stream here but why not go all out and still try to achieve it? I know it’s hard but why I aim for mediocre goals? Good luck to you.

best of luck, keep hard working

Because in this case, the OP has chosen a goal that isn’t just difficult, I don’t actually think it’s possible, mainly down to the time constraints. Going from a zero level seller who has made a small handful of sales at best, in a saturated niche, to Top Rated Seller in less than 6 months. The maths for hitting all of the required benchmarks just don’t add up, even if you do take off like a rocket.

It’s a bit like me saying “I’ve never climbed a hill before - so my goal by the end of this year is to reach the summet of Mount Everest.” Feasible? In theory, yes, anything’s possible. Realistic? Not really.

I agree with you that lofty goals are great, and I hate dampening people’s spirits. I also agree with you that there’s no harm whatsoever in the OP going all out to do the best/most they possibly can. But surely it’s better to aim for achievable goals, as failing to achieve goals sucks. Sometimes if people with a bit of knowledge about the platform can advise you that your goals aren’t achievable, it’s not the worst thing in the world to hear that.


Thanks for your views and wishes. :slight_smile:

Hard work is the only thing here. Thank you.

Best Wishes for you😇

Yes man, Thanks for sharing your experience. I can just do hard work and provide quality delivery to my clients. Rest is luck.

Thanks you man for your wishes :slight_smile:

All the best, but I can assure you it is not an easy journey.


I wishing you a good luck

Right :smiley:
I’m working hard on it…

Thank you so much :slight_smile: