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My golden Tips for new sellers


Hello there!!

I am a new seller with about 30 completed orders and all things being equal I will most like become a level 1 seller during the next evaluation.

Here are my tips for new sellers without job.

  1. Don’t bid for a job you are not sure you can do. It will course you loads of heartache , waste your time and eventually lead to order cancellation.


  1. Some of you will always complain that you aren’t seeing buyer requests. The secret is time zone issues. Use a day to study when buyer request are regularly seen. Pick a pen and write the time …
    ( I discovered this secret by myself, whenever it is a particular time **:00. I usually see a lot of buyer requests related to my niche. So guess your timezone will also have the same. Only that you need to discover it)

  2. Study every one that sends you a message, some troublesome clients are very tough to deal with. Even if you bisect your head and send it through the delivery button, they will still complain that your blood is too red or say something horrible.

Now the idea is, watch out for troublesome clients. They have two major characteristics

       1) They want even a Bugatti veron for $5, I mean they want big things for terribly cheap prizes. 

They are simply around to exploit you and prey on your desperation to sell.

  1. if you are careful enough you can decern aggression in their tone of sending messages. These are very difficult persons . stay away from them otherwise, they will make your life miserable. They will run away with both the service you rendered and the money you should collect.

  2. Social media promotions. Don’t start promoting by jumping into every social media forum like a gorilla motivated by a spiderman movie.

Here is how to do it.

study the target market , for example if you are a graphic designer join various graphic design and company related groups on Facebook. Blast your gig links into this groups.

Don’t forget Google communities and the use of # tags on Twitter.

Another thing is read the TOS, ignorance is not a defence.

You might also be tempted to send promotional messages to fiverr users. Here , no one will call it a message it is called spam.
You will receive a warning “slap” from the fiverr team for that.

… I have too many things to say but time will fail me…

Download the fiverr app and come online regularly. The app will notify you and help you reply to inquiries on time.

All the best!!!


Thank you so much… Valuable information


Thank you so much for giving us so many tips.


really valuable tips thanks man


fruitful tips:+1: thank you


Thank you! Very important :grinning:


Thank you for sharing! :+1:


nice information thanks


videoarticle thanks man :v::+1:


Good article…


Very well said…thanks for your golden tips…:blush:


At first thanks to you for share important tips .as well as i really impressed it.


Thanks a lot ! I was going through… but all of sudden you closed it. I want to read more and more…:slightly_smiling_face:
You write valuable advice. Can you also advice more on Social media or outside marketing.


Thank you so much @videoarticle


You should do a bit more research on this. It’s not true.
There are plenty of posts on this forum explaining it so I won’t rant over it :slight_smile:

No, don’t blast anything. Again, explained several times on this forum.
I’m in multiple WP related FB groups and every week 20+ new members get banned for blasting random links.

In fact, if you don’t have followers in social media then forget about promoting anything. Join the groups to learn and leave your links at the door.


Thanks, it’s really very important tips for me.


I love both of your rebuttals. However, I think it should start with something like “thanks Videoarticle… You are right for saying … However I think … Is wrong”
Perhaps with that, I will view it as a constructive kind of …

That said ,

Saying timezone is part of the reasons why many don’t see much buyer request is not a speculation. I experimented and made my discoveries and many are saying it here (they are intelligent, these individuals experimented and made discoveries)
I am 101 percent sure that this is a factor. My phone is sometimes on alarm for those times I discovered for buyer requests and I will always find them when I Check. Sir!! “This works like magic”. Perhaps you are yet to make your research.

Only that I don’t send buyer requests when I have an order.

Blast your links !!!
Yes blast them!!!

I think you should simply have added that promotion should be done according to the rules & regulations of each group you join and not only tell us the disadvantages…

I am in various facebook groups, some allow promotions only on Friday or a particular time of the day.

And by the way, a group you joined to publicise you gig that totally does not allow promotion. What difference does it make, if you are ejected or you leave the group. It makes no difference, it is useless for your aim & objective. Any other thing therein is a distraction.

Thanks for your rebuttals anyway!!!
(Smiling with my favourite box head smiley in mind)



Wish everyone the best.

(One more thing, I am sorry for all my typos and grammatical blunders, no time to edit)I’m off… Pheeeeeeeeeeew!!!


Thanks so much. These are the valuable things for starters like us.


Why would an experienced and very successful seller thank you for the tips that are of no use for him, and that he disagrees with?

It’s not useless at all. If you don’t know why, you have a lot to learn about marketing.

An article writer who has no time to check and edit her posts?


I really appreciate you @catwriter!!
Just being polite …