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My golden Tips for new sellers


I have read several of your posts and comments in this forum, even old ones through the search menu.

You’ve been such a wonderful person.

Thank you very much!!


You made discoveries- awesome! Share your data here on the forum and prove it to us and I’m sure uxreview and others will gladly retract their criticism regarding the timezones.

It sounds like you’re recommending to join a Facebook group or something else where a thousand and one other people are competing with you to spam links?


Thank you very much @wooden_fish ,
I really appreciate your comment.


Thanks a lot @videoarticle for this wonderful tips.


Thanks For Good information


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Pretty awesome tips my friend!


awesome tips thanks men


Thanks for your tips Bro @videoarticle


Great post and very helpful
Thanks a lot:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


superb tips bro carry on


Hi, Thank you for posting tips.
Is there a way to learn about buyer history and their feedback?
I can’t see any information about the buyers that contact you.


Thanks for your suggestion, Hope it will help me.:blush::blush:


Thanks for your tips. As I am a new seller this informative post help me much. :slight_smile:
Which services are most demanded for wordpress ?


thenk you so mutch my dear friend


Thanks for guidelines me all tips and techniques


Thanks for the tips. I’m new to the platform and looking for all of the advice that I can get!


Well said. Time to put these tips into action.


Than you very much,:girl::girl::girl:


Thanks for sharing (:slight_smile: