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My golden Tips for new sellers


Kudos to you for the hard work you did on trying to discover the time you orders on the buyer request.

Please note that the times are not stable, it changes, and you have to keep watching.


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Yeah, I really appricate that advice, I almost commited the mistakes that wouldn’t turn out very good for my services.


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Strongly in support of what you said, uxreview is also right but the points explained by you are more logical and meaningful. PLUS, thankyou so much for so much effort on sharing these wonderful tips. Its really worth gold for the new seller to find these kind of research based advices that are actually true. No one shares the info that clearly, I mean they are afraid of more competition in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

But I would prefer saying that if a person is passionate about his work he will find another way rather than this Fiverr Forum to study and find secrets for making successful career here on Fiverr.

So, its always a better choice and a good human thinking to help others. Seriously, I love that feeling when someone says THANKYOU with a sweet smile on their face. Yeah, I really love that.


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