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Here is what I don’t understand about fiverr, WHY IS IT VERY DIFFICULT TO GET BUYERS EVEN WHEN YOU ARE VERY GOOD IN YOUR WORK, I and my brother won several awards in university as a writer, but when we got here on fiverr to make some little cash with this skill we hardly get buyers, although the few buyers we got rated us as very good, can someone please help



Because the number of sellers. Check it out for your gigs category with the search.


The truth is, writing is an extremely competitive category here on Fiverr. There are writers from all different countries offering what appears to be the same service. Why would someone click on your gig over someone else’s? What else can you offer them?

I’m a writer here on Fiverr, and I find my content writing gig does the worst out of all of them. There are probably a few reasons for this, one being that it’s an oversaturated category, and I know I charge more than other sellers. I’ve accepted that I won’t get many writing orders here on Fiverr (I also freelance independently, because putting all your eggs in one basket is a very bad idea), and count myself lucky on the orders I do get.

The gigs that people order the most from me are the ones that offer something different. To find out how I could fill gaps, I researched what was already available, and brainstormed until I found an idea not many people had thought of. I have two of these gigs on my profile, and one is vastly more successful than the other, showing it doesn’t always work, but it’s worth it for when it does.

In short, find something you’re good at that isn’t oversaturated on the Fiverr marketplace. It could still be writing-related, as mine are, but simply a different take on writing that other people haven’t thought of before, or something that not many people are doing.


2 things:

  1. you are competing in the largest freelancer site in the world. Also competing with the best freelancers in the world.
  2. Promote yourself, you wont get orders just because you placed a gig at fiverr.

Being amazingly skilled doesn’t mean you will be successful. You must be a business person too.


What’s with all the commas? :laughing: Just kidding… Don’t mind me.

Yeah, the category to which your gig belongs is indeed very competitive.

It might benefit you if you could choose a specific niche… (there are writers of medical articles, scientific articles, etc). Do you have any ideas for such niche writing gigs that you might be able to offer?


I haven’t really taken the time to check through, thanks so much, I’ll pay more attention to my writings.


No worries. The Grammarly app can help you with grammar. It’s not perfect, but it’ll catch a lot of issues.

Best of luck to you and your brother.


Thanks so much friend



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Yes, writing category is competitive, but I had a quick look at your gigs and to be honest there are a ton of things you can do to improve your gigs.

Keep reading the forum and once you learn how to properly showcase your service, your sales will pick up :slight_smile:

PS. Others can weigh in here, but I think your descriptions have way too many grammar mistakes for a writer :frowning:
Besides, some of your recent clients have been writers offering the same service. There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing, but it can be a turn-off for some buyers.

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