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My greetings to feverr community

I cant count the experience i have in typing but you can recognise if you grant me your assigmement
I do type school work and i can tupe two classes a day what i mean consider all subjects
I can do any microsoft word, excel, power point
Typing and dealing with emails are my favourate dogs to play with so try to test me by giving me work to do and i will put a smile on your face

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Friendly warning: Offering to do academic work is against the ToS, and can get you banned.

Thanks mum
It was just given work from a school to type and refund back

Madam i need to know how i can create a gig please

It may helpful for you:

Take this free fiverr course:

Thanks so much madam hop i can now know some thing

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Please change your title word to fiverr

Am still failing on how i can create a gig fiverr community help me

What problem you face while creating your gig?
It is really simple, go to your seller profile and click on creating a new gig.
If you are facing problem in saving your gig or loading gig page then contact customer support.

Contact here is you are facing any bug or saving problem:

I think i had to creat a gig from the begining when i was creating a fiverr acount and am wondering how i can go back to where i started from to find that step