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My Guide to Fiverr (Summary of the best tips I've got on the forum)


This place, called the Fiverr forum, helped me a lot. I’ve read a lot of threads. I also have started my own threads while searching for a solution to the things that were bugging me.

Over the past 2-3 months that I am active on the forum, I’ve come across a lot of people that were willing to help, that offered me some insights and tips. After following those tips, my services improved drastically. Gotta thank some of the guys, especially @Woofy31, @eoinfinnegan, @fastcopywriter as their tips from their threads are the ones that helped me a lot. :))

If you are a beginner or an old seller like me and it doesn’t go as expected. Instead of opening threads in the ranting pot telling “me no order help plz”, go to the search bar and search for the “Up Your”, those were the most helpful tips so far. Then, there is a thread which states how to build your packages. Also, there is a thread on how to promote your gigs on social media.

Here is the summary of the best tips ever:

_- Price your gigs to what your services are really worth, don’t be the cheapest guy. _
_- Don’t use a photo of a celebrity. _
_- Use the packages as they can increase your earnings. But price the packages $10 $15 $25, not $10, $50, $100. It depends on your services and your offering, but it’s best to price your packages with smaller price differences. _
_- Update the FAQ that you don’t offer a money back guarantee. _
- Have awesome gig photos that will outline your service, but make them with less text.
- Try to write in your best English. (I know that I have some grammar errors in this thread). :wink:

We are all doers, so instead of ranting start doing!


So glad to hear you’ve found this forum to be such a great place to improve and evolve while still having fun in between :slight_smile: I help others because I’ve always enjoyed helping people, so if some of my tips, advice or words have helped you even a tad, I’m grateful to hear that and for now all I can say is “You’re most welcome!”

I just realized I haven’t added the no-money-back-guarantee to my FAQ - cheers for the tip! :grin:

Though some occasional ranting can still prove healthy :smile:


Especially, if it’s about the dears. :stuck_out_tongue:


You just had to bring that up, didn’t you? :smile: Oh, dear all…


Thank you so much, I’m glad you like our tips. I am violating one of my old rules, by the way. One of my gigs has the prices $5, $20, $30. Call it ambition, but I’m happy getting orders from those who can only afford $5 and those who can afford $20+. Money accumulates either way.


Yep, the tip about the pricing was from you actually. It was your thread about packages, or it was some question that you replied to me. My previous packages were priced $5 $40 $100, now they are $10 $25 $35 on my design gig and the packages are really good deals.


So did your orders increase after you changed the prices? Did you make more money? That’s always the goal.


Yep. Thats why I tagged you in the post. :smile: