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My happy buyer but lazy for reviews

One of my regular top rated buyer who is happy with my work but he is very lazy for review he just gave me few reviews out of more orders. What have I to do that my buyer always leave a review?
I need your suggestions please.

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same to You :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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There’s nothing more you can do over and above what you are already doing.
Generally as humans we seem to run an unconscious program that’s saying “Whats in it for me” if your buyer doesn’t perceive a benefit to leaving a review, they won’t. That’s just human nature and and as such is out of your control. Try not to take it personally (very difficult) because it isn’t personal. Just humans being humans. If you do take it personally you are making their laziness as you see it into your problem.

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Ok sure I will do the same thanks for your valuable comment.

Sellers cannot Request Reviews From there clients