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My hard work went in vain?

**I am a translator on fiverr , and i have an unsatisfied client Which he is ASKING more from what i offer in my gig. BUT FIVERR Custom support is on his SIDE ? **
**basically the client asking for this ( after i worked hard for a week on his document and delivered) He is asking from me to Rewrite his own Words and make them more appealing rather than what i originally do , which is literal translation. **

**I have already contacted fiverr support Twice , Waiting for a second reply hopefully they take the fact that i only translate word by word and nothing else into consideration. **

**PS : the file is too large to Keep giving the client unnecessary Modifications. **

PLEASE ALSO leave your advice to how can i avoid these kind of problematic Gigs in the future

Cancel the order. You can ask customer support to do it.

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Yes, @misscrystal is right. You should submit a ticket to cancel the order.

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But he already got the file , translated and done. and the gig is worth 125$ and the document is 10000+ Words , Which i have worked on really hard , Should i just give in? and let my work go into vain , and he gets a well done work for free ?

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No - don’t cancel. Why would you cancel when the work is done!
If you delivered what you said you would then tell them what they are asking is not part of the service.
This is not an issue for CS, it is an issue for you to deal with.
The buyer may threaten to go to CS etc but they should tell them the same thing.
If you want, you could charge extra for rewriting it for them but that’s up to you.
If you don’t want to then just tell them the order is complete.


Buyer is the boss. Fiverr always support buyer better than a seller. You’ll need to learn dedication to work on Fiverr or any freelancer marketplace. This is reputation factor. Don’t argue with the buyer if they are unsatisfied.

I advise you to cancel the order through support and let them know in details. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with eoin on this. I didn’t realize you already did the job.

Tell him that’s not part of the service, to rewrite it.


Exactly , The document i worked on is too large to just cancel and let it be.
I have contacted fiverr CS the second time hoping they do something about it.

But i do not understand the fact that fiverr is always on the buyer’s side no matter the case. so if i work hard on a project which is obviously well done and no wrongs about it , then the buyer gets it but still decides he won’t pay for it ? i can see how is that in any way fair

i did just that many times now , I have told him that i only translate NOT rewrite documents.

still he is unsatisfied and wants more and refuses to come into some sort of agreement. but i can see it is obvious he just doesn’t want to pay for it.

I don’t know what CS tells people in these situations but it might be that they want you to deal with him and not get involved. Sometimes we all get clients like this who want more than the gig offers so it’s up to us to tell them no, that’s not part of what our gig offers.

Did CS tell you to do the extra work he wants? Or did they say try to work it out with him? If it’s the later, then they mean tell him no you won’t do it, or tell him yes you will.
It’s your choice.

Then you did your job and delivered the work to him. You can show him the Terms of Service.

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CS told me to ‘‘persuade the buyer to accept your work, or negotiate for an agreement with your buyer’’

which i did , i gave many revisions and modifications which are not included in my gig as i said before , i had to rewrite some words for him that a service i do not offer and is not included in my gig.

I would show him the terms of service.

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thank you for the advice , i will do just that and see how it goes with him.

Thanks again !

It’s nothing to do with CS. CS are not your boss or your personal CS people who deal with issues you have. They are Fiverr support for dealing with Fiverr issues. You are having an issue with YOUR client so YOU need to deal with it!

This is simply not true though.
It is a popular thing for people to say because they don’t understand the premise that working as a freelancer means you have to deal with everything, not just “flip the burgers” of your chosen service. CS tell you to sort it out with the buyer. Sorting it out means deal with it in the correct way which in this case sounds like telling the buyer NO! (in a nice and professional way).

It is because of sellers with this type of “have to do what the buyer says” attitude that buyers keep asking for unreasonable stuff. The world is full of unreasonable people and learning to deal with them effectively is business 101. On the first day and every subsequent day, of any retail job you will have unreasonable people to deal with. That’s how it goes.
Here is result number 1 of 4.1 million results in Google for the question “How to deal with unreasonable clients”. I suggest you read some of these (probably not all 4 million but around half will do).

Edit: Also - remember that the phrase “The customer is always right” is not an instruction to do everything they say. In fact, it was first used as a mindset that can make you more money - if a person wants something “their way” then that’s great - just charge them for the privilege. That is the true meaning/use of the phrase, not the massacred version that people quote these days.


i understand what you mean , that it is the way it is on the freelance world , but that doesn’t mean buyers get to rip off sellers just because they’re buyers. i get that sometimes there are clients who are a little stubborn and like things their way which i had before and done projects with such people and there were no problems at all. but this buyer is somethings else , he knows what he is doing and clearly just making things up to get a free service that i have worked hard on. and i am sure you know how is that like to work on something for days and get ripped off clean

You can also copy and paste your gig description and send it to him and say to him

“Please tell me where in this description you see any mention that I will re-write your text for you?”

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It seems I’m not alone. You and I are in the same boat after all! I have a PSD to HTML conversion order and when I delivered, the buyer wants me to upload and set it live on his server which is not my service at all. As expected, he sent multiple cancellation requests through resolution center and threatened me to cancel or he will contact support. Instead of accepting the cancellation, I sent a ticket to CS with all the details and ask them, that I don’t want to cancel the order as I already delivered what I promised. Now, the order is on the delivery list and waiting for either mark as complete or force cancel by Fiverr CS.

As Eoin said, don’t cancel the order. why would you when you delivered as you promised? CS will tell you to solve this problem with mutual agreement. However, this kind of situation isn’t that easy to solve only by mutual agreement. Hold still and wait for the outcome. As a seller, it’s your problem, you need to deal with it, blaming CS won’t solve anything.

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I can imagine it is annoying. I dont cancel after delivery. End of story. If I have worked on something then I get paid. If the buyer is unhappy then I try to reasonably find a solution such as doing something small for free or something larger for more money. If they reject that then it is not a problem, but they are absolutely clear that I am not going to cancel. CS have never cancelled an order of mine when I didnt ask them to so clearly they support sellers dealing with things themselves.
It will end in a few negative reviews but so what? Every business gets negative reviews sometimes.


You guys need to learn to stand up to these buyers. It’s really as simple as that.

Be professional and learn how to communicate in a polite but firm way when this happens.

Sending a copy of the terms of service is one way.

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