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My Harsh Experience With a Buyer

I have a buyer who we met through buyer request. He gave me his job details and I got to work immediately.He wanted a WordPress website created for his business. If I had any questions, he would reply in a matter of seconds.After working hard creating that site for those 3 days, I woke up yesterday ready to login WordPress and take screenshot and deliver and deactivate coming soon page. The harsh part is the fact that the buyer had already changed the password for the site. I sent him messages asking why he had changed the password and no response for 48 hrs. So I’m wondering, what do I do now. I don’t have any screenshot of what I created. The buyer is not responding.
I’m not sure what I should do. Can you advice

If you did the job and everything is done on your end then deliver the order. You don’t need the screenshot.

For future, you should develop websites on your server and hand them over when the user has reviewed & approved your work. This is a rookie mistake so I would advise you to review your development process moving forward.


I get it now. Thanks so much for the advice. Will be doing that from now on…:clap::clap::clap:

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