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My High Rated Gig Suddenly Dropped in Sales


I came to Discuss about the dropped sales of my gig which Sold good in past days and its one of the top for high rated gig in their category.

The gig is now in Page 6 if i search with High rated in its category, Search volume,Impressions,clicks are decreased for my gig , i dont know why this happened in last 2 weeks . I think this changes because of new update.

Can anyone say why this happened and is the same thing happened to others recently ?

Looking for your responses with good Help


Yes, a change in algorithm may be affecting everyone, however, if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant you know that for no reason at all you can be busy and one moment and then the next wonder why nobody is there. This is human nature I’m afraid. If it’s Fiverr, well then not much we can do (I’ve found complaining doesn’t work and it upsets them)


please can someone help me throw more light on this website, i need someone to teach me on how to use it, i am very creative and i cant wait to start using my talents … i will be very grateful for your assistance #peace


Since Fiverr 3.0 update was released, my best sold gig (1k+ reviews) sales dropped with 95%. Only 3 sales in last 2 weeks (1 sale from a new customer and 2 sales from old customers). The new Fiverr update seems to be the Apocalypse for many high rated gigs and sellers…


Reply to @whitehatseo10:

yes your right me to also dropped my sales.

Anything we can do for solve that problem.



Nothing… Maybe to request Fiverr to delete our accounts and start again from zero, but I supose that idea isn’t agreed by most of us…


i have the same problem… i dont know how their search system works, when sort by “high rating” gigs with 1 reviews , are in front of other gigs with 1k , 2k reviews and 100% feedback… you can only expect orders from old clients… the new clients won’t find your gig…

this is a problem for both sellers and buyers…

im also a buyer on fiverr, how can i find the good gigs with lot of reviews ? yea… i have to go to page 6 , 7 , 8 etc…

its 26 august, the problem started on 6 august…

please Fiverr… do something…


I have the same problem.

My sales are suddenly dropped since the new Fiverr came out.

I am trying to add new Gigs. However my only sales at the moment are made because of returning customers.

A part to add new Gigs, any of you has some more recommendations?

I think that the navigation now penalise both Buyers and Sellers


Same problem here.

I have fiverr has changed the search algorithm therefore all we are facing the same problem. I have gotten a good sale from fever since last 5 days I am not getting any sale even I have good reviews on my Gig.

Fiverr should take serious action otherwise people will move to the freelancer website.


My gig’s don’t even appear in searches at ALL anymore…this is very horrible.


My sales dropped with 90%. Some gigs with 1 or few review above me( 11+ positive review). Hope they will fix it…


I have had Fiverr for about 2 months. In my first 3 weeks I had about 2 sales. Then I started getting lots of messages and managed to get 8 sales (which for me is a lot). I then achieved level 1 status. But since about a week ago I have had no more orders or messages. Everything has just dried up.


Same here. My best sold gig now only gets very few orders. Dropped sales by 90% i think.


Sounds like Fiverr Panda and Penguin to me :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed no change at all, but then, I’m not a ‘top seller’ just yet, but it’s only a matter of time hopefully as I try to deliver my best effort for my buyers.


I used to get 2-5 orders a day but i haven’t got any for 3 days now, since the new update … dunno if it has anything to do with it or not but sure as hell something is not right


I noticed a slum last month. But it’s getting better. Monday tons of emails, none on Tuesday and some today. I think it is a natural up and down. It’s given me a little time to breath and setup some new gigs. I think if the product and service is great, it will continue to work. I would expect the Fiverr system to randomly promote different gigs and this will affect the listing. I was humored by the gig suggestions that came in the email today and yesterday. They were definitely randomly picked. I know Fiverr is making money when I work so I don’t believe they would mess with that. Maybe I should go outside and smell the roses? Fiverr has been an incredible part of my life over the last 10 months and i’ts been great!


Im facing the same problem as you guys. Since the new fiverr 3.0 was released the number of my sales dropped for 90-95%


Everyone PLEASE check to see if your gigs are even appearing in searches anymore, or from the main category page. The sole reason I have no orders is because I basically don’t exist on Fiverr anymore as NONE of my gigs appear anywhere on a search page. If this is the case and you can all support this is also happening with you then Fiverr support needs to make this a VERY high priority, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who relies on the income from Fiverr.


Yes I am also a victim to this.Now it has been three week I got nothing.I can’t even find my gig in the category.Why content editors doing like this.


My sales was totally stopped due to this update.