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My High Rated Gig Suddenly Dropped in Sales


I looked for my gig in search but I couldn’t actually find it :confused:


It’s not just a decrease in sales- its a decrease because gig’s are not findable or searchable, and you can’t sell what people can’t see. Keep checking your gigs on SEARCH PAGES to see if they even pop up at ALL, anywhere on the page. I have yet to hear from Fiverr support about it.


Same here…

Fiverr 2.0 please come back to us! : (

That version was the best.


See that’s weird because I’m new to Fiverr and expected literally no sales for a while because obviously the gigs with reviews and many previous customers would be a better choice and rightly so but I’ve received 6 different messages with requests for my services in less than a week.

Perhaps they’re favoring the unknown now? Trying to give us a reason to stick around? Maybe…


I came here to discuss the same problem! What is the point of the ranking system if we are now downgraded? That isn’t really fair – unless it wasn’t fair at all to new sellers before. But considering we were all new sellers at some time, the strongest survive, right?

I haven’t gotten a new sale in days, VERY unusual. No idea what to do. Thankfully I have regulars…


Oh, and I tried searching for my gig on a different IP. Nothing!


Yeah mine stopped too, was getting orders nearly every day and now I have had nothing for about a month, never had that happen before so something has changed.



Yes you’re right. The same thing is happening with me as well. One of my best selling GIGs got over 20K impressions per month couple of months ago which is now getting less than 1K impressions per month. Did everything possible from my side, like gig title, keywords, tags etc but it’s dropping day by day. Very much sad about the new Fiverr algo.


Monthly Impressions dropped from 25K to less than 1K.

Here goes the screenshot after Fiverr introduced new algo. Personally I think Fiverr should care about all sellers before implementing new search algos.


This happens to me as well. No Sales after new algorithm. Hope it back to normal soon… I think most of sellers agree with me.


This is terrible, changed tags, titles, descriptions and posted on social media yet nothing is working! I was getting people buying my services all the time, nearly every day I would get something but not any more and I don’t believe its just people are not interested anymore it’s that people are not seeing my gigs. Fiverr has changed things and has messed it up for a lot of sellers who were doing well, if they don’t do something will be forced to leave and find somewhere else.


Yes mate it’s true. I have seen many ups & downs since last 4 years which gets normalized after a week or two; but this time it’s totally different and getting worst day by day. Getting few occasional orders from past customers only. Yes, this is time to find some alternative marketplace.


I am very glad to know that I am not the only one with dropped sales despite having a top quality gig in my category. Can someone please search for my gig and let me know where it stands in the search page?

(I achieved level 1 status just under my 1st month of joining)


Same trouble here - I took several months off for other non-Fiverr issues, and was back on the first page consistently when I reactivated my gig. I then edited it, and it disappeared completely (I assumed it was under review due to pricing/package changes). Then it reappeared on first page again. I rotated my display graphics, and now I am on page 7 of the recommended gigs. I wish I had never edited it - I was updating it trying to be more competitive, but see now that was a big mistake! Unfortunately I don’t have an external file of my gig description - big (and very stupid!) mistake on my part or I would go back to exactly what I had.

I can’t find my gig by my user name either. After 3 emails I finally got Fiverr tech support to create a technical ticket acknowledging that they can’t find me either when searching by user name.


Yes in that case most of the good sellers dropped their sales and new sellers with worst service gigs showing in top. Fiverr is best while at the beginning and now its not good than before. Marketplace will soon gets down and loss many sellers if they continue like this.


The same thing is happening to me right now. A couple of weeks ago I had so many sales that I almost could not handle them all and now for more than a week my sales are almost nil. I’m a level 2 seller.


Just because you are a Level 2 seller does not mean you will be successful and receiving lots of sales. What are you doing to promote your gigs, and tell your target customers about what you do?

Sales are not free. What are you doing to earn your sales?


By mentioning that I am level 2 I did not mean that because of that I must have many sales. I wanted to say that due to the orders I had I reached that level and only as a comment. Even until a couple of weeks ago my best gig was “Featured”. The “Featured” label disappeared and approximately from that moment my sales decreased.

Thanks for your reply my friend!


I wonder why people that I do not know, keep calling me “friend”? I must just be a likable kind of guy.