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My highest Fiverr Earning

This month is my best month in my fiverr career


This was a VERY good month for me, I hope Fiverr continues to bring me excellent months :slight_smile:

Please remind the whiners next time they complain about this September being a Rektember and how only TRS are making da sells.

I’ve never had a bad month my entire time on fiverr.

Do you know why ?

Because you are Very serious about your Fiverr business from day 1 thats why and doing great hardwork. So, what i think is if you put your 300% percent best at any months of the year here at Fiverr atleast you can save yourself from the bad months. Yeah i agree at this also, it can be slow but you can save from bad months by working hard.

What do you think ?

I have only taken about 5 days off in almost four years. You’re right.

Impressive ! Best Of Luck for the Rest of Fiver Journey !

i am also happy. :slight_smile: in 1 month i completed 8 orders.i am new on fiverr.away from two orders for getting level 1 :slight_smile:

in my 4 years career fiverr business is slow in May to june 2018 rest of 4 years i am super busy