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My Highest Selling Gig Got Blasted To 10th Page For No Reason

So it’s finally happened. Fiverr has officially screwed me over. My Highest Selling Gig Keeps Disappearing From My Category Or Appearing On the 10th Page for reasons I can’t even understand. Looks like this is the end of the line for me boys. Spent 2 damn years clawing my way to the top, desperately trying to maintain all my stats at a 100% (which they still are) and in return, my highest selling gig gets sentenced to the 10th page of death or not appear in my category at all. FANTASTIC.


It disappeared completely .


All the high ranking gigs from the first page are gone. All that remains are newbies. What the hell is going on here?


This is a site spread issue/change.


Whatever it was, it’s fixed. Everything is back to normal.


Did you edit it or any other gigs recently?

Did you slow down your delivery times?

Did you change the thumbnail recently?

Did you have any problems with anyone lately?

Don’t worry. If you’re like me, it will still be discoverable by anyone who clicks on your profile. You have to remember that there a lots of $$$$'s priced Pros and new mek sellers here now who need their time in the visible search. You need to start giving back to Fiverr by marketing your business and bringing traffic to your gigs. :slight_smile: - Did I get there before @jonbaas?


Have you been doing anything to market and promote your gigs? If the Fiverr search results aren’t providing the kind of exposure you seek, you can always build your own exposure through your own efforts. It constantly baffles me why sellers give up on their gigs, just because Fiverr isn’t providing them with sales. You have the ability to go obtain your own sales outside of Fiverr – and that could keep your gigs alive.

Why give up when you hold all the cards?

You did – mere moments before me. :wink:

Do they show up on searches even when the exact title was typed? Even comical is showing gigs that are not in the same category and totally unrelated.

Nothing, absoluetly nothing. I got 3 great reviews yesterday from previous clients but besides that absolutely nothing.

I spend 20% of what I earn from this gig to advertise and stuff. Almost all my premium paying clients are from my adverts and social media. Depending on how this goes, I might have to move on from Fiverr. @jonbaas I know advertising your own gig is important, I’ve been here for a while you know, but if Fiverr is not going to penalise my gig for no reason then why should I bother bring customers from ads and social media to give Fiverr their 20% cut?

You have 3 orders in your queue of your best selling gig. How did that happen?

2 return customers and one new client from Facebook.


Thankfully, I have a lot of return cutsomers and my rep on social media has improved quite a bit.

Are the gigs in the top rankings more expensive than the rest in the category?

Have you tried to find your gigs in incognito mode? Have you refreshed the pages to see if they move positions around?

No, my gig was reasonably priced and accurately reflected the services I offered. I was charging more than most people.

Yes, it appears in search but it’s gone from the category. The gig in question is my Amazon Product Listing gig. It appears in search (thankfully) but when you look for it under Copywriting or Product Listing categories it doesn’t show at all. Looked through 15 pages, nothing. So maybe it’s a bug. I have messaged Support to see how it goes.

Gigs in my category jump around a lot constantly. Do they do that in your category? They change positions each time I refresh the page.

How is Fiverr “penalizing your gig”? I just don’t see this being the case. They don’t seem to be actively, and intentionally doing anything to hurt your sales potential. You just aren’t being ranked highly by an AUTOMATED search result system.

So, you find other ways to build your business, instead of expecting that automated system to be your primary source of sales.

You said that you’re already marketing and promoting your gigs elsewhere. Perhaps you need to reassess those efforts, and find other, more effective, places and ways to market your services.

By no means am I saying Fiverr needs to promote me and I agree with everything you’ve said. Listening to you advice in the past has really helped me a lot. I actively started advertising my gigs after reading one of your posts a year back, that really helped a lot.

The issue right now is probably a bug since my gig is appearing in search but as I said to @misscrystal not appearing under the category it should which does concern me. As for sales, I get quite a few of them from off-site advertising and through client refferals.

Fiverr has never been my primamry source of sales and probably never will.


From experience, only three things are effective in this situation:

  • Increase your gig prices
  • Create an entirely new gig at a higher price markup for the same service
  • Flip the gig and any marketing $$'s you are throwing at it over to somewhere else

Sadly, drawbacks of the above are obvious things like increasing prices tends to drive away repeat buyers etc. I have heard on the grapevine, though, that Pro sellers are now required to have something like all their gigs Pro. This being the case, Fiverr is clearly chasing higher prices and it could be that if you are priced too low, Fiverr just sees you as not good enough for them anymore :frowning: .

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Half the first page is now new sellers with under 30 reivews…what the fudge?

Right now in my category all the lowest priced gigs are being shown first.

Yes new sellers are prominent now in mine too. It seems like everything has changed again in the last couple of days. I think each time they do the levels, everything gets reverted back to this.

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Some gigs are appearing twice.

It’s the levels thing. The gigs all are messed up in positions right after that.


I hope this is indeed the case. You’ve built a strong seller reputation. It would be a shame for you to throw in the towel because of this. Ride it out. Maybe this is just a down time in sales, and things will bounce back. I’m no stranger to these ups and downs either. But giving up when the going gets tough often ends up in regret later on.

Hang in there. Be creative. Try new – even innovative – ways to reach out to more of your target customers. Blaze new paths. Do things your competitors aren’t doing. Ride it out. You’ll be stronger and more determined as a result.