My honest opinion: Can you get rich from Fiverr?


Hey all,
Its YoHProgrammer, and I would like to share with you my honest opinion regarding Fiverr gigs and earnings.

The answer is… No, you probably cant get rich from Fiverr… Why you may ask? Well because you are just one fish in a sea of sharks, so its hard to get noticed and even harder to get new customers. So I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you stick to the ones that made orders from you. If they are satisfied, make a connection with them and keep them loyal, always go with the logic, a few buyers is better than no buyers.
That way your customers will / may recommend you to their friends, business associates etc. and you may get more money flow.

"But thats not true, I have see fiverr freelancers with over 10K positive ratings, they must be rich!"
Yes, they may have over 10K positive ratings, and finished jobs, but take into consideration that the majority of those people are hot girls, or people who have made their accounts in the late 2010 or early 2011… Something like that.
Plus, most of those people offer template work for $5, such as template 3D logo mockups, Curriculum Vitae, Resumes, Public speeches… Logo templates from all around Google…
I Personally do not take any joy in tricking people or just slapping their logo onto an already made project of a 3D mockup, I mean, yes it is profitable but its not amusing, nor is it a challenge, so I would rather do serious projects, original and amusing for $100 a month than do some boring copy paste type of stuff for $1K. But that just me.
I have earned around 300 for the last 6 months, but with a pause in between while I was on some business trips.

So to sum it all up, It is possible to earn money from Fiverr if you have skill, and it is even more possible to earn more money if you have no skill yet do some Copy Paste editing on already made templates.
But the reality of it all is, you will not get rich from fiverr, because there are a lot of people who are trusted by the society first of because of their 5+ year career on fiverr, and ratings of course.

Suggestion: Take some pride in what you do, and the money will come.

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