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My husband's Account Disable

I come here with an issue. My husband is a professional web developer and had an account on fiverr. Last week suddenly the account was disabled while he tried to verify his account. The gig has a running order of $120. How he can get his account again?
His user name was pritams_design
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Please, Contact CS on email, open ticket and wait.

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Only Fiverr Customer Support can help you :slight_smile:

Did anyone else on your IP have a Fiverr seller’s account? :thinking:

i would also recommend editing out his user name, just in case

Contact fiverr support.

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I just checked the Fiverr main site. It appears you @nipa_sarkar you have a seller account and so did your husband.

Fiverr may have mistakenly thought you and your husband were the same person with two accounts if you have the same IP address. Many sellers have come to the Forum to ask if having two Fiverr accounts on one IP is okay. Experienced/knowledgeable Forum users have warned such sellers that is is unwise to have two accounts on one IP address unless they have met the following conditions:

The sellers have contacted Fiverr Customer Support and asked for permission to have two accounts on one IP.

Each seller must have different contact information–phone and e-mail.

Each seller must have a unique PayPal or Payoneer account.

Edited to add:

@lloydsolutions and @catwriter, did I forget anything? (Thanks! I knew I forgot something.)


Both accounts can’t offer the same service.


I believe it was can’t offer services in the same categories.

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