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My id verify completed feeling awesome

my id verify completed feeling awesome . thank all fiverr forum member



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mselinabegum747 How you proved your id? can you tell us while process please?

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when fiverr notice you then you i can

like this . then you go verify now you look 2 option QR or Phne . then you understand . need your ID and your images

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@mselinabegum747 congratulations

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Congratulations, Wishing you success…

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thank you @shamimdeveloper

Thank you @sazzadhossain98

[quote=“mselinabegum747, post:7, topic:336292”]
prowebandandroidgigwp MY ID: (prowebandandroid) I WILL BE VERY HAPPY IS THIS PROBLEM CAN BE SOLVED

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U need help to verify my ID can anyone help me out please

Maybe this will help: