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My identity has been verified. Thanks fiverr and support team

I swear to God, i almost had a heart attack after three failed attempts. I kept asking my self i did not break any rules. I worked extremely hard while working on 8 of my projects. I recently delivered a research related order and honestly, i had worked from 9AM to 2PM for two straight days (both weekend days) with only taking bathroom breaks. I even ate my meals in front of screen thinking about the project. I delivered that order in 6 days and i was given 7 days to complete.
My point is i have been working extremely hard, i didn’t even use the words “money” (since the terrifying warning pops up every time you use this word) while talking to clients even if its related to project for example, article on 10 ways to make passive income.
So i thought why this is happening, i had been following every rule fiverr has set up for the sellers. I have been into some tough times through the years, seemed like fiverr was giving me a break. I was getting appreciated for my work and as a new seller i was atleast making some income out of it, building my self slowly, going upwards one step at at time and THEN.
Three failed attempts, account restricted and i had tears in my eyes. In a very desperate attempt, i contacted support’s team while searching on fiverr forums about the same issue by different people, becoming even more hopeless because people kept saying on forums that a restricted account doesn’t get active again.
Everything lost, all my dreams collapsed, my extreme hard work in last month (May 2019) seemed like a nightmare to me, i was talking to two clients about possible projects, asking question. In all of my 8 orders i didn’t commit to the order until i was sure that i could do it perfectly, now i was thinking those two possible clients would think of me some fraud, who left the discussion midway wasting their time. It all seemed hopeless. Everything looked dark to me, literally it seemed like the light in my room got dimmer.
Then my 4 year old walked into my room and i thought, life is not that bad. So what if i will not become one of the best freelancer on fiverr achieving pro status (#dream). Further i thought that i had helped 7 or eight people in my limited time to get what they wanted for little amount of remuneration, at least they would think of me in a nice way due to my conversations with them. Thinking all these things, I wiped away my tears and then BOOOOOOOOM
ding ------ I looked at my screen and there was a message pop up at the lower right corner.
“Your ID has been verified”
Honestly, it feels like i have been gone through 5 years of tough life experience in last hour or so. This also means that i have gotten very much attached to fiverr and related projects. If i do not have any orders to work on, i keep on reading books and blog articles to upgrade my skills.
It’s been a tough few hours, i thought to share with you guys.
Don’t lose hope if you have same problem as me. Contact Support’s team, they will support you. Just don’t break any rules. Fiverr earn 2 dollars so you can earn your 8. Respect that.

Take care guys. Bye.


Hello @literateumar700, my tears are almost running as you described your story, in such a wonderful way. I know how frustrating this must have been for you. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m glad it worked out for you and that your hard work paid off. Your four year old must have seen the happiest dad alive. I wish you and your family all the best in life! Good luck with your gigs. Sincerely, Humberto


Wow! great description, you almost told the same story belongs to me, I my self doing same act as you mentioned, and still keep working on it. Though I didn’t get any verification, but I think if it comes to any one, it brings good strengths along with powerful profile for the future transactions.


Humberto @hum_on_the_go
Thanks. You know i like to read a lot. Fiction, non fiction, columns, blogs, threads, forums, you name it.
Sometimes you can exactly feel what the other person is saying, i have gotten that feeling over the years while reading different mediums.
I have gotten the same feeling from your response. Your words speak honesty out loud. Thank you for your amazing words. I wish you all the success in the world. I hope you may find whatever it is that you dream of. Stay healthy and prosper. Take care brother.

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You know what i think, if you really haven’t broken any rules that they say you should obey, then i don’t think you have to worry about any thing.

Sorry for inconvenience, but I matched myself with you for hard working and spending maximum time in front of screen. I always try my best to follow the principle and have no warnings at all. I feel my self lucky.

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ohh! Okay. Sorry for misunderstanding.

you are most welcome, thanks

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Hello @literateumar700, thank you for your kind words. However, you should not thank me, but thank yourself for sharing your wonderful story with us. I only reply to what you have written as you’ve touched my soul with your honesty and integrity. Thank you once again.

Big hug to your KID :hugs: I hope your medium read and told you that your 4-year old will bring you luck that day. :smiley: Regards Humberto