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My illustration gig


I can draw concepts for creatures, characters, robotics, most anything actually. I can also do more cartoonish stuff. Unfortunately, the few clients I’ve had mostly wanted to keep their art secret, thus making my live portfolio painfully empty, so that’s why I am here. If you don’t mind, I’m going to post some drawings in this thread, but that’s not all!

If you order one of my drawing gigs until September 10, you get a second drawing free OR one choice gig extra, with the condition that at least one of the drawings can be posted to the live portfolio on my gig page. I’m only giving this bonus to people referenced from the forums, so if you’re interested, reply here before ordering.


Still here.


Hey, look, it’s me.


I guess there might have been one too many of me back there.




Some more stuff.


I think this one looks pretty good.


This one is actually from my caricature gig, but since it’s more recent than these old drawings, it should better represent what I can do right now.


How did I forget this one?


I’m still here.




I finally got a chance to show what my more recent drawings look like after receiving an awesome order.


Last hours for the promotion. Go see my live portfolio to see my recent work.