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My image quality looks TERRIBLE after uploading to fiverr

Hey guys,

Hope someone can help me,
The image quality on my gig looks a lot worse than in the file itself.
Heres the gig if you want to take a look:

Its gonna be a lot harder to get sells like this so I would highly appreciate that someone could help me.

try changing the picture

That’s not helpful. She wants to diagnose the issue and needs to do that to prevent it from happening again.

@vanillavisuals, can you explain what you mean by “terrible”?

Also, the word is sales, not sells.


tried it about 30 times now

Very pixelated, much more than the original.

Yeah, I have a similar problem, this happened to me several times and I even made the image 1000 dpi so I know its not the image. Anyone got any idea on how I can fix it.

You need to make it with fiverr standart dimension. (fixed size)
Do not make it bigger and smaller then let fiverr system rescale it for you.
and dpi mainly for printing purpose, didn’t affect so much for online. Only pixel dimension mattes,
Hope it could solve your problem.