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My impression is dropping at a fast rate and order is no longer coming :(

Since the beginning of this month, my best selling gig impression has dropped from 9k to 5k now.

I have been doing everything from promotion via Social media, posting on some groups, forums etc…

Still, no improvement yet, not even a message from any buyer :frowning:

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Do gig marketing. I hope it will be okay.

Thank you. What is the best way to do that/how do i do that?

Simply search on YouTube "fiverr gig marketing "

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Thank you.
i’ll do just that!

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Hi @kim_creator :star_struck:
How do you do?

Please, annex all “Linked Accounts” to your Fiverr account. Every day you can send total 10 buyer requests from your account. Try to stay online 24 hours. Share your gigs on Social Media like Facebook | Twitter etc.

You can earn more orders by marketing and promoting your gigs. There are no hidden tricks for getting order. Be patient and Try heart and soul. At last, I would like to say, Good Luck!