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My impressions and clicks dropped

I don’t know what happened but i got months that i got a daily message from potential customers and some of those were orders but now i’ve been getting zero messages, i went to check the stats and this is whats happening

(lol the number)

i don’t if this is some kind of shadow ban or something, i’m trying my best and this is discouraging

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You used the “promote your gig”?


no, i tried to use it today so maybe i could improve those stats, but apparently i’m not elegible yet :confused:

This is the typical pattern of the stats for a level 1 seller.

I believe that new sellers managing to get sales are favorized at the beginning of their activity. Then the transition from Level 1 to level 2 is tedious and takes time, as visibility is dropping.

This is exactly what happened to me. Just my own thoughts and conviction at that point. Keep it up, try to improve your gigs descriptions, gigs presentation, your profile etc. That’s all you can do.

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that’s weird, but makes sense even tho i dropped to lvl 0 and then got to lvl 1 again that’s when i started to got more visibility, thanks for the tips

Your Impressions have never been particularly steady (don’t count the freak peaks) so what if this is just like the lull you already had Jan-Feb? What if this is you seeing Gig Rotation in action?

Don’t panic. panic brings all kinds of bad.

You have not been here very long (or at least this Gig has not). You don’t say anything at all about what this Gig is. You may be doing something that not many people enquire about

I will paint your cat’s claws in green glitter paint

or something everyone is trying to do at once (that no one buys anymore)

I will SEO your Ship Dropping service or eBook consultancy

Ooh a L1 drop??? I am seeing a decline since my incline so maybe the Algo stops propping us up?

Either way, it is time to take stock and improve, rather than a time to panic - or try to control what you cannot/should not.


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thanks for the advice, it’s weird that my gigs are disappeared too, i searched myself all over the pages of my specialty i’m not there, online only filter? not there either, i can only find myself through a tag

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Same problem I am facing :disappointed_relieved:

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Why would the Algo show you your Gigs - like why would you want to buy your gigs? Stop looking for them, it is a waste of time for you on a thing you cannot control (at least not directly).

Take a different view:

What you can control here is your Gig (and how you respond to people). If the Algo is not digging your gigging, you can roll with that or change your gig.

Now take another different view:

Aldo The Algo tries to serve buyers who have trypered in a Q. Maybe for green glitter claws for their cat. You only want to be seen by that person, for that task. No point in being seen by dog owners who want pink tails - Eeew!

Now you have the opportunity to work on this sideways. You are not working on the ranking of your gig at all. Not of any interest. What you are working on is serving the exact customers who want exactly what you do and how you do it.

The ideal there is one Impression- one Click - one Sale.

This means that you work on understanding who you are, who your customers are (the ones you want to serve and the ones you do not want to serve) and therefore extrapolate how to be there in front of them when they need you in a way that it is clear that you are a better choice than Flash Flarry the other green-claw painter.


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