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My impressions and clicks on gigs are decreasing day by day

My impressions and clicks on gigs are decreasing day by day. Is this just I or others are facing the same? Suggestions and ideas are appreciated


All person same problem,suggest plz

Im not here long enough to know exactly, but my guess is: During christmas time people usually have holidays and dont want to book a gig which falls into that time. I also noticed a decrease in orders (not in impressions though).
Additionally, rankings change all the time due to a variety of factors which we can only guess.
More and more people get the gig advertisement feature too which also influences the clicks and impressions.

Bottom line: You cannot directly influence your ranking. Focus on things you can change. Try to convert the existing impressions into clicks by making a compelling headline, gig image and gig video.
Then convert clicks into buyers by writing a gig description that sells. Gig Description is not only for SEO, but it really is your sales pitch. It is your chance to convince a buyer that he does need your and only your service.


Thank You Kilianotte for giving useful information.

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