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My impressions and my conversion everything is down

hello guys… I’m having issues with my gigs, all of a sudden my impression and my conversion everything just went down. I didn’t receive message unlike before anymore… my gigs drop from the first page, to the last page. my conversion is down to 0.87 now… from 12.78 up… and still counting… I have contacted support, those guys really tried for me… but unfortunately they didn’t see anything to do to solve the problem… i really need advice from guys here… no more jobs for me since have been facing this issues… thanks tunecreate1

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Hello! I hope you are doing great. I can understand your problem. Well, I think you definitely need to promote your gigs on the social media more if possible. Get more attention, be creative enough to get clients attention and I hope all these can help you to improve your gigs impression. :innocent:


thanks for your help, I swear to God, I have done everything possible to it. I have promoted my gigs… still yet no changes… and I have completed 15 orders or so. this month… i noticed that fiverr picked me for fiverr choice for quality works last week. I saw it on my gig… but since this issues as occurred… they have taken it away

Do contact the support team as fast as you can. I hope they will solve your problem immediately!

alright, here’s my whole opinion on this. I’ve been on the last page from around January to April of this year. that’s almost 4 months of nothing, just waiting. There was very little that I could’ve done. Same thing happened during the months of June to July. During that time I got a totally of around 10 orders. I know it’ll feel very upsetting and will make you feel like a failure (just as it has done for me). If you keep on improving your gigs, you’ll eventually be up there.

The only thing you can do now is just wait, and do all the usual things you’ve been doing, improving & applying to buyer requests.

EDIT: I also disagree with the person above me. Fiverr Support won’t do anything in this case, and never have. imo, everyone needs a chance for the first page, so these rotations are normal.

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alright sir… I think you are right… support team have no help to this… I really appreciate your help… thanks so much. God bless you

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