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My Impressions are decreasing

Hey Friends,
I am new on Fiverr as well as on Fiverr Forum. The impressions on my gigs are decreasing day by day. Kindly share some tips that what should I do now?

You cannot control impressions. Focus instead, on raising your clicks and views by marketing your services to those who need what you have to offer, having eye-catching gigs (and gig images) that bring in new on-site clients, and doing some market research to better understand your customers and where they can be found.


Thank You, but how can I get response from buyers even when I send them request.

It you want to improve your changes of having a buyer respond to you, you are going to have to appeal – personally – to whatever work they are asking for, and show the buyer what YOU can do to solve their needs. You have to compete for the job, so be sure to figure out how you can be better than your competition.

hmm alright I guess I need to put more effort… Thank You for helping :blush:

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A lot of people seem to think that they deserve a lot of traffic for minimal effort.

Good customer service and sharing your gigs on your own social media all drive traffic, IMO.

Yeah, you are right I’ll share my gigs more to get traffic and orders soon.