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My impressions is down for the past three months

hello beautiful people, i really need you guys help about my gigs… for the past three months now, my impression has gone down, and i don’t know why, since then no sales no messages from buys. at the moment i don’t think the impressions is thinking of going back up… please i need you guys help on this…
thanks tunecreate1

You profile indicates you just finished a sale, with a recent delivery. If you mean you have no further orders awaiting work, then maybe take this time to go over your gigs and improve them.


the job is from old customer, conversion everything is down, impressions down too… really tired of it i swear… but still, thanks for your advise

I’ve gathered a bunch of helpful links in the (RRD) section at the end of this post. Maybe something there can help?

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Impression and conversion is down for three months .