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My inbox page is going blank

My inbox page is going blank whenever I am trying to open it. Even the other pages are acting weird all of a sudden. Can somebody tell me if they are experiencing the same issues?
Continuously receiving messages but can’t answer them.

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The website has been off and on for me today. My inbox is empty as well. I received a message earlier saying it was a technical error and would be working soon.

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Has it been fixed or you are experiencing it now also?

My notifications are showing from the drop down menu. My inbox and all messages still show blank.

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I’ve had a similar thing with a client today. We’ve been discussing a longer deal, so it’s been quite inconvenient.

I think the only thing you can do at this point in time is restart a few times, and/or refresh the website. Hopefully it’s something they’re planning to address when the site goes in for maintenance.

My inbox was cutting off part of my replies to my clients so I had to retype them and explain why my message stopped in the middle of a sentence! :roll_eyes:

Looks the whole site is down now

Same here////////////

fiverr is now under maintenance, it’s will okay soon :slight_smile: