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My inbox was disabled,need help


i just reiceved a notify that my inbox was disable cause one of my mess inapporriated or spam??

i think i’m not doing any wrong to fiverr tos??


First, you would have to ask Customer Support to be sure.

Second, if you sent messages to people offering your services and they did not contact you first, you may have been reported for spam. Did you do that?

Third, if you wrote messages to people and used certain keywords that could have gotten you flagged. When that happens you will know because when you type the word, the edges of the message you are writing will change from green to red. A warning also pops up but it is in small text. If you type words like “pay,” “skype,” “email,” or use the @ symbol those will all trigger that. It doesn’t hurt anything as long as you change or remove the word before you hit the send button.


Reply to @fonthaunt:

i believe none of above you list. didn’t contact anyone who not contact me frist and didn’t saw any red words.

i’ve sent a ticket to customer support, hope my inbox going well… :frowning:

But in usual way the user has do wrong, what they got when contact customer support?


Reply to @dusuacangmon: It really depends on what caused you to get reported. It could have been a simple mistake. Sometimes you message someone and they accidentally click report. If you didn’t do anything wrong or if it was a minor message, you’ll probably get messaging reinstated. Just talked to Customer Support and leave it at that. The forums really aren’t a substitute for that but everything I mentioned is fairly typical.

Edited to say: I just found your 3rd post on the same topic so it was removed. Please stop. I am going to remove any other duplicates you post. Stick to one thread, in this case stick to this one since we have an active discussion here.


Reply to @fonthaunt: yup, i’m sorry about that


Reply to @dusuacangmon: I understand panic mode! Just remember that it’s kind of like capturing a weird spider and then calling 5 different bug control companies really fast. If they all call you back at once, none of them can get through to tell you if the spider is dangerous and what to do about it. :slight_smile:


Reply to @fonthaunt: :slight_smile: yes, i’m in panic at that times, cause i’m worry that i’m post on that topic noone will mind it, so i create this one, i’m sorry to make you care of me. did send ticket to customer report and w8 for respond, hope i’m fine. I got one order inbox to reply :<


Reply to @fonthaunt: @fonthaunt, how long does customer supoport reply to submitted ticket?