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My internet has turned terrible!

Luckily I completed all my orders before it happened. What kind of backup plans do you guys have for situations like this?

Mobile data would take an age to upload the files I would need for a gig.

In theory you could use a service/software (like dropbox software if that works well enough) that will continue where it left off if there was a connection problem part way through. Doing that would also allow you to only upload the files that hadn’t already been uploaded before any connection failure and with revisions you’d only have to upload to that site the changed files instead of everything, since you could put links to everything in the delivery message.

Or maybe if it’s really important you could use a service provider/plan with more guarantees about the reliability of it and/or see if you could get a service with a faster upload speed.

You could also extend the delivery time in the gig setup just to be safe.

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I have two different internet providers in my home due to the problems where I live with internet service. I spend a lot on it. I’m in a remote spot.


In the event my internet goes out, I can create a mobile hotspot with my iPhone. Should that be unavailable, I can go to the public library and connect. If that fails, I can go to Starbucks, or any business that provides WiFi connectivity. If that fails, I’ll hop in my car and move to a new location. If that fails, I’ll climb on a locomotive and travel a great distance in search of this elusive internet connection. If that fails, I’ll board a ship and sail to new lands to logon. If that fails, I’ll come back here and let you know.


So what you’re saying is that because I don’t have a public library I finally have an excuse to buy overpriced coffee and lounge with my laptop on comfy chairs?

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a) Mobile data - my broadband dropped for half an hour yesterday. Took me that long to set up the mobile hotspot. sigh

b) @olie01 - note to self: must get a laptop …

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I tether my phone if I have to.


I hadn’t heard that term before so i googled it, i had the thought but didn’t realise you could do it so easily.

What is strange here is that I just got a new computer with perfect internet reception but my older laptop is dropping the connection all the time… Now I’m thinking the problem has been in the laptop the whole time.

It is possible that either your network drivers are outdated or your laptop’s network card is slowly starting to give out. :thinking: