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My Internet, mobile and the laptop

Hello gentleman
I want to change my internet, mobile and laptop. what will happen after I will change these equipments?


Nothing will happen.

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I think nothing will happen. Because, Before few days I have lost my laptop and Now I am working on the new pc


After changing anything else. that your account banned?

If you anything your equipment after Fiverr community will your account banned or block? it is my thinking

No. If you use multiple devices at a time.
that will be against terms and policy

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Maybe you should be a bit more transparent here - are you changing your internet and devices so that you can:

  1. have multiple accounts on Fiverr
  2. get around an old account you had being banned

If it is any of the above, your new account with new internet and devices will probably be suspended or banned at some point.

If, however, you are just getting a new internet provider, new laptop and mobile, nothing should happen. But, the way you are asking this seems suspect…


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Hope you can remember your User name & password for the account and e mail as well. I had bad experience.