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My introduction after 8 Months on Fiverr



I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession and i joined fiverr about 8 months ago. So, finally i thought i should give some introduction on this forum for the first time.

I am from Pakistan and doing 3D CAD modeling and rendering for new/concept products and much more. I earned more than 5000USD in this time frame. I have average selling price of 90USD.

I loved the experience on fiverr and continuing working as a freelancer.

I am Three


Welcome to the forum. Your story will inspire others. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:


Thanks Sir.
Fiverr is a amazing platform for people who want to to earn online.


Glad to hear, you’re enjoying FIverr.
Keep it up except bringing back the life in a former thread. :smiley:


Oh i apologize, if its against the rules, please let me know i’ll delete this thread.


It’s okay, you don’t need to delete anything, that was just an alert for future. :slight_smile:


Indeed, your name “you are three” sounds interesting. Haha. Best of luck.


Well, that’s good :+1:


Good “I am there” (Y)
And Welcome.
Best of luck for future projects.
Abdul Mateen.