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My introduction!

Hi everyone, I’m musa_exe!

I have been active on Fiverr for about a month now and just stumbled across this forums page.

I am an 18 year old high-school student with experience in graphic design, writing/proofreading and music production. This is my first time doing freelance work, and my experience so far has been pretty positive, despite the relative low number of clients I’ve received — but I’m optimistic that that’ll change over time.

Really happy to be here as a new member of this community! :smile:

P.S. Here’s the link to my gigs in case anyone wants to check them out and provide some constructive feedback: (proofreading) (logo design)


i wish you good luck

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🙋 Hello! Welcome to community! :grin: :mag: Search here & :books::pen: Learn more. Then you can achieve your goal! :dart::trophy::medal_sports::dollar: