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My issues with the AVAILABLE NOW feature


Ever since the Available Now feature was introduced by Fiverr, I’ve tried my best to make use of the feature to my advantage. But most times, it backfires.

This is always the scenario:

I turn on my Available Now feature
I get an Available Now message from a buyer and I respond almost instantly. Great right?
But then Fiverr keeps marking every message sent by the buyer as an Available Now message
I might not reply as quickly as I did to the first message
Fiverr warns me that I’ve missed an Available Now message from a buyer―the same buyer I responded almost instantly to his first message.
This happens thrice and I’m BLOCKED from Available Now

It always annoys me because this happens almost every time. Sometimes, I’m even the one that initiates the conversation with the buyer, but Fiverr still marks the buyer’s reply as an Available Now message, even when the buyer’s reply marks the end of the conversation for the time being.

Fiverr should work on this because I think this is a bug. I don’t know how many sellers are experiencing this and being unfairly BLOCKED from Available Now. I don’t think I have to reply a buyer’s message when it shows the end of the conversation. For example:

Buyer:Can you do xxx…?
Me: Sure! …
Me:Thanks for the order…
Buyer: I’ll be waiting for the delivery. Catch you later.

Now I don’t really have to reply the last message from this buyer, but it’s still marked as an Available Now message. So, I’m penalized if this scenario occurs thrice. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

I urge the Fiverr team in charge of the Available Now feature to fix this annoying issue. Hope it’s fixed soon.


I have faced the same problem like you.


It’s been in beta for several months for this very reason.

I am sure they are looking at the bugs and will only then release it to everyone.