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My Issues with the New Level System


I’ve been pretty on and off with Fiverr lately because of school and extracurricular as well as health obligations, and even more so the forum, so I kinda missed a majority of the conversations that sellers were happening to begin with.

A lot of this has probably already been said, but I just wanted to get my two cents in even if it’s too late(if I missed a post about not wanting these types of topics on the forum anymore, go ahead and delete/lock this thread mods).

  1. The Difference Between This Level System and the Last is Immeasurable

What do I mean by this? Well, I’ve completed over 50 orders, but I’m still stuck at Level 0 because of the monetary requirement to move up a level. And of course, when I finally cross the mark, I get one not so good review from a Buyer and it sends me into a danger zone where I’m on the edge of 4.8 over the last 60 days.

In the “previous version” of Fiverr, or just one year ago, I would already be Level 2. While this can be good because it makes it harder for the sellers who don’t deserve that award or label, it makes it harder for other sellers to climb their way up the ladder.

  1. The “60-day 4.8-Star Review” Minimum

This can be helpful to filter out those who never deliver on time or who consistently receive bad reviews, but if you can’t consistently work or if there is a time where you go on vacation mode but receive one bad review at the wrong time, that bad review can be the difference between keeping your level, moving up, or being brought down.

I got one 3-star review and one 4.4 star review almost two months ago, but because I’ve been unable to work that much lately and the orders that I have gotten have mostly been left unreviewed, those two orders taint my 4.8 star rating down to a 4.7. And, to top it all off, just when I thought I was going to move up because I finally crossed the earnings threshold at about 40-something orders(in comparison to last level one’s 10 orders), but now I have to hope somebody else reviews one of my past orders or that I can complete an order in time and get it reviewed.

  1. Last But not Least, The Wait Times

I know that there are reasons that this is something that happens once a month, but some of the thresholds you need to pass to move up levels(like the # of orders completed or the amount of money you made), can be the only things holding you back, and being just a couple days late can make you wait weeks for the next evaluation.

Which makes me wonder, why not just stick with some of the new requirements but make it so you can level up from 0 --> 1 --> 2 without having to wait?

Thanks for reading if you got this far and I’m so sorry if this type of post isn’t wanted anymore and I just missed that post.


Hello, there has been a lot of frustration on the forum about the levels system. It’s not perfect. But the fiverr staff apparently decided to make some rules about what is required for each level. The fact that some are able to move up to the higher levels shows it’s not impossible to do.

You make some good points about vacation mode or having fewer orders affecting a seller’s ability to have a higher level. This seems to be one of the intentional obstacles that fiverr decided to implement. The level system is deliberately slanted to help those who are here full time over those who do this part time, or take longer vacations. This must be what was intended.

Also if sellers can level up without having to wait until the next evaluation then they would also level down immediately, and that wouldn’t be fair because they would not have any time to improve.

This is probably the most unfair thing of all in my opinion. Any seller on vacation, without orders during that time, can lose a level for no reason having anything to do with anything they did wrong. Sellers can’t risk taking a long vacation.


You make a lot of good points @bradencollins10. It is good to see :eyes: you on the Forum again. :blush:


Frankly, I do like the new level system. It keep other sellers who are not good, outside of Level 2. Which means seller like me - who deliver good quality job are there.

Apart from that, if we take a step behind - what will attract buyers to Fiverr is when they get good quality work done by freelancers. Keeping this new level system, fiverr is ensuring good quality sellers on the top - which helps buyers to get good quality job done - making buyers sticky to fiverr and coming back to repeat orders. More the orders buyers will give more it will benefit the sellers.

Surely - it will not make everyone happy. But - as a quality seller - i am quite happy with this. Keep competition low and I am finally able to increase my prices. :slight_smile:


If Anyone have problem to fiverr system - They’ve freedom to leave fiverr :smile:

Plenty of sellers available at fiverr, Who’s doing very well than complainers :wink:


About quality gigs… well… I beleive the wrost and not fair thing is the % of rates, because if you’ve just 10 gigs, but all gigs of 300$ and one of them is marked as delay or a bad reputation in just 1 of them and another seller has 100 gigs of 5$, and got 3 bad reputation and 3 delay the other seller will have a better rating. Because the way fiverr is making the % is not fair for those who creates quality gigs and not quantity gigs. It should count per each 5$, per each gig. So 300$ should count as 60 “orders”, since its 60 gigs. In other words it should count per gigs selled and not per orders.

But we live on a unfair world, and more unfair fiverr.


Many of us on the Forum think of @bradencollins10 as someone special :heart_eyes: and we would be very sad :cry: if he left Fiverr. It is fine with us if he comes here to vent his frustration. :slightly_smiling_face:


Totally agree with you. I find it really unfair and needs to be reconsidered.


May I ask you where this unwelcome kind of attitude comes from?


Your comment is insulting and unwarranted. @bradencollins10 didn’t deserve this at all. Telling people they should leave is RUDE asf, laughing about it is uncalled for. Sick & tired of the holier than thou attitude on this forum from certain users. People can freely express their views and don’t need people like you to ridicule them. Braden expressed himself very eloquently and in a respectful manner. Fiverr encourages people to talk about issues on the forum, you do not have any authority whatsoever to tell people to skedaddle. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He wasn’t complaining. He was discussing the new level system and how he feels about it. It didn’t come across as complaining at all to me. There is nothing wrong with discussing things.


In my opinion, both @bradencollins10 and @fast_editing were just expressing their views. I didn’t see anything especially harsh being said. It is not uncommon for forum users to mention that we are also free to stay on Fiverr or to do business elsewhere. If someone violates the forum rules by being abusive that is an issue, but I don’t see an abuse here. I also don’t see anything wrong with your own comment, @misscrystal, a polite explanation of why you think expression is fine is another form of discussion. (If another moderator sees it differently, it may be handled differently, this is just my personal opinion.)


Thank you! I’m glad to be back!


I understand your point and I wasn’t trying to come across as complaining, I was more just trying to voice my beliefs about what’s not so good about the new level system and hope somebody from Fiverr would see the seller’s issues with the system and adjust it so it’s not as harsh on sellers.


I also recognize the benefits that the system has, but I also believe there is so much room for improvement.


Interesting comment - I seem to remember some much more “complaining” posts by you not so long ago and people’s responses were to offer advice about coping, improving, adjusting etc. Not sure why it seems like support is a “one-way street” for you, perhaps you could offer something constructive too.

I agree with Fonthaunt that your statement is not awful but just putting a smiley face doesn’t take away the negativity - try throwing in some advice too if you must say something negative because then it gives your comments much more (or some) credibility.


You’re good at this type of thing.


I agree with this. I’m not saying that the comment by @fast_editing as nice, it really wasn’t and I understand @bradencollins10 OP a lot more than I understand the need to tell him to leave. My point was that I do see these as opinions and I didn’t see name-calling or anything like that. I don’t think the thread needs to be a fight because of people who disagree. Just thought I’d clarify. :slight_smile:


For sure - this isnt the first and wont be the last time the “if you dont like it, leave” type suggestion has been said but in general, it comes after a prolonged period of actual complaining and not listening to advice, rather than when someone gives an opinion on something.


fast is a good guy. I’ve had a few long complaint threads he has posted helpful comments on. I don’t think he meant it the way it sounded.