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My job is not authorizing the buyer

I’m a web designer.
I made a new account at fiverr. I got $100 a month ago to create a banking full website. I delivered the full work 11 times according to the buyer’s requirement. But the buyer is sending the note “REVISION REQUESTED” If I give the buyer’s “REVISION WORK”, then he’s sending “REVISION REQUESTED” with a note to do another job.
What do I do now ??
How do I get $100???
Please help help help and advise me.

I think that you mean My buyer is not authorizing (approving) the job.

How many revisions are included in the order?
What is the nature of the last revision requests?

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There’s a difference between a revision and a new job. You have to set boundaries even when you have unlimited revisions. Tell your buyer: this is a whole new job, not a revision.

In your own words, respectfully as possible. Let them know you can revise their current work but not do another job for free.

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It seems that the buyer asked you to build an exact copy of a banking site and this looks like material for a phishing scam.

The requirements are vague at best.
Note that “revision” does not mean “additional work” or “work outside the scope of the order”.
It means “modification of the delivered work”.

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Thank you for your comment and time & patience.

lilacpunch! Thank you for your comment and time & patience.

Yes, Mr. pacquo. Now what i will do at this time…?

I don’t believe that there will be an happy end.
Besides being taken advantage by the buyer, you may find yourself involved in an illegal activity. I don’t think that the Trust and Safety team at Fiverr would approve an order and a conduct like this. If you ask me I would contact CS, that at the very least could cancel the order.

Mr. Pacquo! Can I get $100 if this order is canceled?

No, but if you explain the situation to CS you have at least the chance to save your account.
You should remove the link to your development site from the post above.

Mr. Pacquo! how i will do it.??

As @pacquo mentioned, unbeknownst to you, you’re probably working for a scam artist. So, there was NEVER $100 to begin with. If Fiverr knew that the job you’re working on violates the ToS, they can cancel the order even after its successful completion. So, you never had $100 to even begin with.

How many times will you ask the same question? You have already received an answer.

Contact CS and ask them to cancel the order for you. And, no, you will not get the $100. Once you cancel the order, there is NO WAY of getting that money back.

I really don’t see a scenario in which you do not lose the $100.

If you do not cancel the order and do not want to lose the $100, your buyer will take advantage of that. They can always cancel the order (and get the money returned to them) if you do not continue to work for them for the rest of your life.

It is not like you can even go to CS then because: 1) the service that you provided violated (questionable :thinking:) Fiverr’s ToS, and 2) if you contact CS, they will cancel the order, and you will lose the $100.


If you mean how to contact CS, the shortest answer is:
go to
and proceed from there.

As @hanshuber16 noted, you will lose the money in one way or in another.

Mr. Pacquo! Thank you for your time and patience. bye for now.

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