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My journey from $0 to $1500

I joined fiverr in 2014 in the starting i earned nothing but after some months i got my first order this was my first $ that i made in my life …after that gig i created one more gig called Blog designs… in starting days it also doesn’t worked for me after some days it got ranked and i made about $1450 but from two months i didn’t got any new order ( Except the order from my old clients ) now i don’t know what to do can anyone help me to rank that gig again !!

Most important thing is to check either your gigs are in fiverr search or not. If not, contact CS for this issue.

Try to respond to the buyer requests

post on “my fiverr gigs section”

Check whether your gig is appearing in the search or not. If not, then contact the Customer Support, maybe they can help you. I saw it clearly mentioned somewhere by Fiverr that all of your gigs are not supposed to appear in the search.