My journey from 0 to 400+ 5 star feedback


I always liked the idea of doing work on the internet. When I had my first phone (a Nokia 5130 Xpress music), all I would surf was ‘internet jobs’. As a newbie, I never reached anywhere, except those scam “data entry” and “captcha” tasks. I didn’t even had a computer at that time. When I started college, I got my first laptop. Around the same time, I saw a news on my local newspaper about a man who is earning thousands of dollars doing work from home. I was curious and wanted to know how the heck he got that. I decided to get in touch with him (I was a good researcher even at that time :smiley:) I was able to get his phone number and got in touch. It was him who introduced me to ‘Fiverr’ (He also mentioned a couple of other freelance platforms)

I created a Fiverr profile but still had no idea how to start it. I set up my first gig offering virtual assistant services and within the first week, I got my first order. Then it was more like a racing journey. I was leveled up very fast. Became level 2 in the 2nd month. New orders were coming quickly and I even took days off from college to finish all the tasks i got. Things went well the first year, and even the second year. I was making good money while at college (Simultaneously I landed in a part time internet job as well from another freelance platform - that i am still continuing)

Once I joined this company as full time staff, I was no longer able to concentrate on fiverr. I was still getting a lot of inquiries and tasks - most of which I denied. I turned fiverr in to vacation mode and stopped responding to messages. Still I was doing at least 1-2 jobs per month for a few clients.

From today, I am starting my second journey on Fiverr. Its been a very long time, I will have to work hard - but its going to be worth it.

Here are a few things I learned (You probably already know them - but this is for new guys):

  1. If you get an order, finish it well before the deadline (this will help your ranking in search results - I was ranked in the top 5 search results for ‘virtual assistant’)
  2. Avoid order cancellations as much as you can, this will seriously affect your business
  3. Try to respond to messages within 1 hour (My response rate is 0% with 18 hours now lol)
  4. I am not sure about this - but vacation mode affected my ranking in search results (I was able to catch up though)

Will continue…
Update: I am currently on 15th page in search results. I am doing several experiments to increase my ranking now. I will update my progress here

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to comment


Congrats :slight_smile: Go ahead


Welcome back, justjoan!

I had a similar experience, and agree with your learnings.

Order cancelations - mine have all been from first time customers who don’t know how to use the platform.

I’m interested to learn the findings of your experiments about ranking higher. Currently I am not showing up in search results at all! I don’t know what happened, but clearly I’m not alone with the boards lit up about this.



Thanks @wpspecialist24


Congratulation :slight_smile: :heart:


Hi Lisa! Are you sure the gig is not showing up at all in search results? I had a quick look at your gigs. I think, you can start with editing your gig. Especially the title. I would add something like "I will record an American female voice over TODAY"
I will keep this thread updated based on my experiment results


Thanks for responding, Joan!

Actually that is almost exactly what my gig title is. It reads: " I Will Record TODAY Any Voice Over Female Radio Tv American "

But since you offered that suggestion I’m thinking that this is not showing up for you either! Ugh. Well, I’m sure Customer Service will eventually let me know what is going on with the platform. I’m a Level 2 seller with over 200 five-star reviews… I was in the first or second page of search results a couple of weeks ago…

I’ll be back to check your updates. Be well!



Yes, I think what I suggested is more search engine friendly. Try it.
Update: I am on page 14 now in search results (that’s 1 page progress now)


Thank you @momith10 :slight_smile:


Welcome back. You have done it once so you can do it again. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Congrats and best of luck ! :slight_smile:


Thanks @sarfraz_jasim and @lloydsolutions


Welcome justjoan :slight_smile: