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My Journey of 2 years, 36000+ orders, 17K+/month with just one gig…


Hello beautiful people!!! I am Boss Designers a beloved profile in graphics design on fiverr. I belong from Gujarat a very colorful state of India. I am here to share few of my experiences with you guys; thought they might be helpful for you to get motivated as well as keep you moving towards your goal faster.

I am a married woman handling a firm of 25 people as well as looking after my family responsibilities right now. Before joining Fiverr I used to work locally but it was very tough to find customers through cold calling and completing the tasks on deadline, it took lot of my time throughout the day. It was hard to maintain the balance between my passion and responsibilities towards my home and family. But Fiverr made my dream come true of being an entrepreneur. I can work from anywhere and at my own time. Now I can maintain the balance between my work and family responsibilities very happily and perfectly which brought happiness to my family too, as I can give more of my time to them too.

I came to know about fiverr and thought of giving it a try. Initially it was very tough and frustrating as I started getting only few orders after a month or so, so I continued with the local work too. Then I started working out on the way to grab more attention of the clients. I did SEO of my profile, designed an attractive and catchy banner for my profile to grab more attention of the customers. It worked gradually; “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” But the most important rule that I learned after trying so many ways for having more and more customers is “you need to provide an extremely rich quality of work and maintain the same in coming years” otherwise no matter what you do it’s not going to work. The other equally important part is to creat a good repo between you and your client you must have a crystal clear communication between each other only that way you will be able to provide him what he wants every time. That is one way to win your customers heart and want him to come back to you for more and more work. There is a formula; One happy customer=Few more new customers. If they like your quality of work and the pattern of communication with them they are surely going to refer you to other people and those new buyers to some more and just like that the chain goes on…. I am on fiverr since last two years now and I have provided more than 36000 designs to my happy customers. One thing that is still on my priority list every time we get a new order is that I want this buyer to have the design of his/her imagination and I want them to be happy and content with what they are getting in return of their hard earned money. I will not stop until my good is better and my better is best.

Last but not least A woman always wants her family to be happy but she also wants her independence and Self-respect and that’s what Fiverr has given me. Thank you Fiverr for being a hope for me and many other people like me. :slight_smile:



Congratulation on your success !

I am shocked to see your profile with Level 2 badge? You have not promoted to TRS till now?




Thank you for your kind words.
I believe TRS has many more factors than number of sales, positive rating & excellent track record. My profile must be lacking somewhere… I am trying to improve every aspect, let’s hope to be become TRS soon…:slight_smile:



I am impressed with your honesty! You are true, its not based on sales it based on other factor too :slight_smile:

I am hopeful you will soon have TRS badge if you continue that way !


wow. Great work. i am impressed with your story


Congrat on your success!! you are right, one happy customer will bring few more new customers. keep up your great work :slight_smile:


Excellent piece. Thank you for sharing your success story.


Perhaps one of the factors you are lacking is using the community more often - Fiverr forum :upside_down: the metrics on your profile here in the forum doesn’t give much indication that you use the forum well enough.

I’m just saying anyways.:innocent:


Thanks for the tips!!
I will surely become a contributing part of the community…:vulcan:


Congratulations & Keep up the great work!


So awesome! Good for you!

Out of curiosity, are you fulfilling all the orders yourself or do you have other designers/team members work on them? If you have other people fulfilling orders, how do you manage a team within Fiverr? Struggling on this a bit myself since Fiverr isn’t really built for having seller teams.

Cheers!! Hope you get TRS soon! :slight_smile:


She has mentioned a team of 25 outside fiverr!


that’s because quality of service - Many buyers given low rating!


Team is actually exclusive for fiverr… My old gig description had that part… We are Graphics designers, Teamleads & QAs, Customer Support Executives & manager together make that figure… Average 2000 orders/month require lots of people… :slight_smile:


You are right, sometime we can’t give proper satisfaction to our buyers…
But 4.8 Stars is covered under their top rated criteria ( We receive 3 to 4 -ve reviews on average for every 100 reviews.

I personally believe, if there is any -ve review (even only one), something is missing from seller side. And we are trying our best for better services everyday…


No doubt, you’re doing very awesome than us. personally i am your fan. i am watching you at the first day of your fiverr journey. but 3-4 review on 100 order. that means you’re not caring your buyer and your success. good time do not stay same always…so be careful.

i do get 60-70 review on 100 order.

what you do for get high volume order. i know it’s your secret… if you do describe in depth…then that may help others.



Out of curiosity. What is your cancellation rate?

Congrats on the order total but you should be more concered with quality over quantity if you wish to become a top rated seller. I don’t think that’s possible with 5 dollar gigs in the logo design category.



I mean to say, it’s 3 to 4 -ve reviews per 100 reviews…
I am apologizing for any typo error from my side…

The offer has to be very lucrative for your buyer in your initial days… that will give you organically viral effect… But there is a -ve side of this effect… Lots of sellers are not adding more value to the definitive price, they prefer to sell for cheaper price point… it drags marketplace to cheaper price point which ultimately hurt everyone…

So, add so much value to every package & let your customer feel overwhelm is key for getting into viral effect… And mind well, your offer has to convey it upfront before they buy…

Hope, it helps…