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My Journey on fiver 2107-2020

I had started my career on Fiverr in 2017. Initially i struggled very much and confused about how to get orders and how to promote gig’s. I researched and worked on my gigs to overcome these difficulties. And finally my gig is ranking well and still we have orders on many gig’s.


How did you travel back in time? What were your first impressions of 2020 coming from 2107? And, please give me a book of all the sports results until 2107!

Also, why is your username vastly different on the forum compared to on the platform itself? Do you have two accounts?

EDIT: It looks like you have used your second account to give yourself a review on a gig that is now “on-hold”. That is a severe violation of the ToS.

Don’t know if I need to hide the username as it is obvious who wrote it, but I still did.



I am a new seller, but I sure am not that desperate enough to buy my own product and give a 5-star review :rofl: :rofl:

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I am very sure when I created the account, I just use other account to check out all these things ,

It was just all about to know and understand all the procedure clearly nothing,else.

Scrap the sport results, just give us lotto numbers lol

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You are not planning this right. If we get lotto numbers then the main price is split to all. If lets say 100000 people guess all the numbers then you win nothing. Betting on sport depends on your amount and the winning is fixed. For all. We just have to bet before they kill the numbers to 1,0.


Cool but I ain’t got money to bet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: