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My Journey On Fiver

Hi Everyone
My Self Muhammad Usama. I started my freelancing career in Feb 2020.When I Started I don’t have any skill so I create my first gig in data entry category but I start learning new skills and make more gigs which help me a lot to gain big orders and now I and my friends start a software house which offering a variety of services such as:web development, graphics designing,digital marketing and virtual assistant services.


Best of luck with your future

Great :ok_hand: bro you have multiple skill

Ok, so let me get this straight: you run a “web development, graphics designing,digital marketing and virtual assistant services” business but have no actual skills yourself?

This says to me that you are a reseller only and not any of the above.

How do you add enough value to both the real buyer and the real service provider to make it remotely attractive to work with you?

IDK but so far all the resellers I have encountered in places like this have not exactly been Adnan Kashoggi quality players (Google him. he, was the pin-up gold-standard in middle-men for a decade or three).

Quite the opposite, resellers I have encountered have insulted me and my service in attempts to steal what I do so they can claim it as their own whilst treating their clients with utter contempt as well. The reseller never develops a clear Brief so the poor people doing the real work are expected to keep doing work over and over to solve their complete lack of skills in the things they claim to be THE experts at. The poor buyers keep being shown random work in-hope they accept it, making them think real sellers are equally useless.

Forgive me if I am wrong in your unique case but no one needs more of this sort of thing. Why not learn a real skill you can use to make everyone’s world a better place?


Best of luck. I hope you get something very good

Keep hard working and smart working. You will achieve it.