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My Journey to 10K in 4 months + Helpful Tips


I surpassed 10k in 4 months earlier this week and I’ve had such a great experience on fiverr, I’d like to provide some helpful tips! Fiverr provides us with so many unexpected clients that they deserve their commission!

Getting the 1st sale is the hardest!

  1. Post on your social media platforms. I posted on my instagram and brought in my first 10 sales!
  2. You can tell your friends about your gig and ask them to support your work!

Once on Fiverr!

  1. At first, de-value your work until you make enough sales and have enough reviews to build trust.
  2. Once you have reviews, increase your price just a little.
  3. Once you have a lot of reviews. Value your work for what it’s worth!

Another couple things.

  1. Always communicate with buyer before you send them the work to make sure they are happy. I draw illustrations, so I always send them a watered mark copy and only deliver once they are 100% satisfied.
  2. Always deliver 1 day before deadline. If possible, even earlier.

Help with my gig needed

Pinned for the simple, straight-forward and excellent but less commonly shared advice.


Great reviews too - well done.


I couldn’t agree with this more.


As someone who knows the struggle I highly recommend every new member to read this post.


Thanks For sharing


Well done!
Finally somebody with a track record who walked the walk.
The forum would be much better readable if more people would do that.


Awesome tips! and congratulations! this gives me more motivation :slight_smile:


Well done…?go ahed


Nice Journey and helpful tips.Go ahead


First Law of Fiverr: Those first 10 orders have to completely blow your buyers away - for just $5. It doesn’t matter how much work those orders take, or how many pennies per hour you’re working for. It’s all about those first 10 ratings. From there, it’s all downhill.


Thanks for sharing, excellent tips.


Great work and tips… Thanks for sharing with community…


Thanks for your impotant advice & best of luck for u.


:grin:great post. Thanks for sharing


How many reviews you think are enough to determine that now its time to increase your rates?



Thank you for your post. I am still struggling to get total sales of 2K USD. I am on Level 2. But I am still not breaking into getting bigger orders.

I am still getting orders for sponsored post. But - bigger ticket orders like Social Media Marketing and WordPress I am not getting anything. I have got great reviews, ALL my clients are repeat clients.

But, there are people who give WordPress website at 5$ which I can’t. I know it is click bait. Get them to book the order and keep on adding extra’s. I am a cleaner shop - I don’t use those tricks.

If you can give me some tips for my Gig, it will be great.


inspired ! thank you


Thanks for sharing. I should start applying those tips :grin:


Thank you for this!
But I’m struggling to make my first sale :frowning:
Any advises?