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Hi community.
I am Hamza and today i am sharing my story with fiver community .
My story begins from where i joined my University as BS Software Engineering Course .
My family income was not much enough to complete my high level university expenses and i was in thinking of some kind of part time job. After that in the very first semester i found a post about through facebook and was very impressed of it and after that post i start researching about I joined fiverr in November 2015 and created my first gig of logo designing and uploaded some gig images which was i set in the MS Paint.
This images were looking so funny:):slight_smile:
I got no response from anyone. after that i start research and was searching for the skill to learn and i start leaning Graphics Designing which i was loving to learn and within few months I gain much knowledge about Graphics designing and again comeback to fiverr with new gigs and on the 3rd day i received some client messages and on 4th day morning i received my very first order of 40$ i was so happy because it was going to be the first ever earning in my life and I successfully completed my first order.
I try to work awesome as possible and try to maintain the good communication with the client,
After that my journey begins and within month i received level one seller status and few months later i got fiverr level 2 seller status.
Now i am able to pay my university fees my self and i am very Prodded of it,
Also as i am studying software engineering i got many knowledge of the field regarding the future planning of the fields.
Thanks to


Hi Lucyocdex,
thanks for reaching to my my post, i just advise to take help of buyer requests and send 10 requests daily, because i also start my business from the buyer requests and got my first few orders through this.
By the way i am not interested in editing of my post, i try to write my best i can.
and good luck :slight_smile:


Keep the good work and you’ll get rewarded!
Congratulations for an amazing stat on Fiverr!


Good Luck.
Also Keep it up.


I’m a math student, and I joined to fiverr with the same goal in mind. It’s really inspiring that you were able to pay for your career with fiverr! Thanks a lot for sharing your story, my friend! The best of the lucks for you! :smile: