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My Journey To Fiverr. Fiverr is good for new seller?

It’s been three months, I’m still in the fiverr. I have already learned a lot. I wanted to be like other seller many times, for example: I wanted to copy and paste the buyer request, I did it for a day or two. Other sellers advised me to take fake reviews, it would increase sales, but suddenly I thought Who am I?. I will walk like myself without following others. I will listen to my own mind. I will show my talent to everyone. Even if it takes a while, I will succeed. No one can stop me.

From a young age I had a hobby of freelancing. Especially building web sites. I made the first site for a friend, also an adult web site. I was young then so maybe all this was going on in my head. Gradually my inclination towards technology increased. I joined a Chinese company as a data entry. I didn’t want to lose my job even though my salary was low. Because there was free WiFi in the office. I used to learn web programming languages ​​with the computer used in the office.
A few months later I bought my own laptop. I no longer cared about office work. There is no way I will leave the job. After a few days I really left. Hearing this, my mother gets a shock. I decided to devote all my time to freelancing. I made a couple of websites for clients. They are happy too. I thought, let’s try in the market place called Fiverr. At first I didn’t understand anything here. Let’s start doing research slowly. At that time I was a WordPress expert.
So I started making gigs in the WordPress category, I did a lot of research on it, then I found out that Pakistani freelancers are in the forefront of creating WordPress sites. I was surprised to see that they have been involved here for 2-9 years. I have to suffer a lot to be with them. I hope so many more days. But I know I will succeed here. Just have a little patience. Everyone will pray for me. Thanks.

And yes - a few days ago I completed my fast order on Fiverr.


The problem isn’t that there are a lot of “top” Wordpress sellers from a certain country. The problem is that you’re trying to sell something that has more people selling it than buying it.

You have literally dozens of thousands of sellers on Fiverr selling this. That’s a recipe for failure. If you don’t research the volume of your competition and compare it to the demand, how can you make sales?

If I throw a needle into a haystack, should I question why I can’t find the needle and why no one is searching the haystack for it?