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My Journey with fiverr PRO – One Year Later

You are very welcome! I’m glad that it inspired you.

Motivating, left Fiverr because of frustration with buyers and revisions last year ( I could’ve been clearer on my policy ). This inspires to give it a shot again.


That’s so nice to hear! I’m glad that my story has inspired you to give it one more shot. Fiverr is an awesome platform :smiley:

Truly inspiring story!


Many thanks for sharing your story.
May you find a lot more success in you life with all those who are struggling and putting in their hard work to get what they dream of.
Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the nice words!

Great thanks for sharing your position and success story . Great journey

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Thank u for sharing your experience. It helps us to motivate:slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m glad it has motivated you. :muscle:

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yes definitely its a part of motivational source… how you will guide a beginners?

again appreciate for your achievements.

Thanks ! One day I will be a pro seller .yes I have only completed 6 orders,But 6 is always better than nothing.Thank you again for the words.

PRO has been a great benefit to my profile on Fiverr too. I was doing great beforehand, but since Fiverr established the PRO platform, it’s clear they started targeting higher paying customers, and people who understand the value of what they’re buying. I have had people tell me my prices were 40% higher than the next highest quote and still hire me.

I wrote a blog post earlier this year with tips for new sellers. Here’s a quick summary of those tips.

#1 Include Your Real Photo on Your Fiverr Profile
Business owners come to Fiverr to seek professional services. If your profile isn’t professional in nature, you can expect to be passed by. It is critical that your profile showcases who you are. People want to connect with people, not a mysterious Internet entity.

#2 Craft a Quality Fiverr Profile Description
One thing is common among most new sellers, their profile doesn’t provide value to an on-looker (a potential client). I see people including information here that isn’t related to their Gigs. The Fiverr Profile description is one of the first things people will see on your profile page, so it’s important to use this space effectively.

#3 Fiverr Gig Pages
Your Gig’s description should function similar to any other sales page. You’re pitching a service and you only have a short window of time, and a limited number of characters to do it in.

#4. Optimize Your Gig Based User Searches
It’s pretty simple, Fiverr’s search engine at a core is no different than other search tools. Every listing has words. Fiverr tries to pair a user’s search with Gigs that best match the words. There are ranking factors you cannot control, but the words on your Gig pages are one of the factors you can control.

#5 Don’t Charge $5 on Fiverr.
Obviously charging more means you earn more per Gig. But that’s not the only reason to charge more. People purchasing professional services expect the price to match the quality of work. I have found that raising our prices have created more sales and better customers.


Thank you for sharing these tips. I’m sure that they will be helpful to many people on the platform.

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That’s really an amazing story of a very successful seller! Keep shining and motivating us when you have time :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing the simple but very effective tips for the new sellers!

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Thanks for your kind effective information !!!

Thank you. I think I will start posting more frequently and maybe share some tips I’ve learnt along the way.

Thanks for sharing your story. Definitely inspiring for others! :star2:

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Even as a PRO, you’re better than this place …because, it’s nothing more than a virtual garage sale, where you’re just a bottom dollar number to people who want your value for pennies.