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My KEY TO GROW on Fiverr


I’m new to Fiverr but not new to dealing with customers. When I launched my gig [ ] on Fiverr and did not get the first customer for few days, I asked myself:

“If I’ve to buy this gig from someone else why should I buy it?” - The answer revealed the truth and I refreshed my gig accordingly. I made it’s image simple but containing a clear message and then I re-wrote a clear description of the gig. It worked and I got my first customer.

While my purpose was to serve the gig and earn money, I thought the other way. I inquired from the customer his purpose of buying this gig. I decided to fulfill his purpose and the fulfillment of my purpose occurred ultimately.

Now, I have two loyal customers because I delivered them what they expected of me. They leave me awesome feedback and now people are contacting me for custom orders.

What’s your experience?