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My Larest Withdrawal Experience, Anyone Experience Same?

I made a withdrawal 3 days ago, but I did not get the usual email to select whether 1 hour or 2 days. I immediately contacted Fiverr Support when I found the withdrawal marked as completed in my Dashboard.

3 days now, there is no reply from Support and also no trace of my money. Could anyone tell me what could have happened? Has anyone experienced same issue lately?

I await your responses.

I had something similar happen once. But the funds still appeared available to withdraw even though I had confirmed withdrawing them. Hopefully customer support gets back with you quickly. SO sorry that happened to you.

The Customer Support got back to me on this and hopefully everything will be okay in a few days. Contacting Payoneer now.

Something strange is happening with the site. I did a withdrawal on the 30th and received it. I received a second withdrawal today but never requested it.

when you withdraw first times, payonner have ask you that you want default 1 hour withdraw 3usd the the next times and the 2nd it don’t ask you.

Last times i withdraw it go straight to my payonner in 15".

I am still waiting for my payment since 28th Sept. I have just sent a message to Payoneer. will update later.

Reply to @seocontents:

Customer Support is busy. They will answer in a few days…3-5 days sometimes…

Reply to @seocontents: wow this is bad exp when you not received money from 28th.