My last 4 orders have not had a script or instructions from the buyer. Happening to anyone else?


I’m not sure exactly why this is happening but it happens to me quite often. I get a new order and the countdown is started but there’s not script or instructions. I always have to write the buyer back and half the time they don’t get back and I have to cancel the order to avoid a negative. It’s frustrating especially when they are sometimes $25 orders. Thoughts anyone??


If you add what you require such as “I need your script and instructions to start this order” in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR BUYER box on the Edit Gig page then you will at least force them to type in “something???” before the countdown is started. If they don’t respond this should auto-cancel the order with no hit to you as the Seller.


Thanks a lot….I had left all my instructions for buyer boxes empty. I thought all the instructions were just in the description. Appreciate it!


I have 2 order, No Response yet


You can see your orders that are pending due to your buyer not sending you the requested information when you go to “Sales” and arriving on the “Manage Sales” page, you have a clickable number at the top left labelled “Active”, once you click on that, you will see a list of orders that are sitting there to be completed.

If you click on any of them, you will be able to send a “Nudge” in the hope that they respond.

But I have developed a much friendlier way to get their attention by sending them a friendly message reminding them that I am still waiting for the needed information and that they can contact you if they need help supplying that, then I add in CAPITAL LETTERS that in any case they have already paid for the service and that for no extra charge I will help them if they send me a minimum of details. Of course, this may not work for all Gigs, but it did help unblock a few of my pending orders. :wink:


@madmoo Thank you for the correct info. Not quite sure where I heard my erroneous info but I guess that point is now moot.

I was a bit in shock that CS confirmed that unanswered Seller Instructions “will remain in your queue indefinitely, until either the buyer starts the order, or either party cancels the order.” I personally think that this is a crap policy that hurts Sellers but I guess that is now also moot!

In this given case I am a bit confused if asking for a mutual cancellation will affect my cancellation ratio. Below is my correspondence with CS.


Nov 10 11:39 (IST)

So if I don’t get the info I require to start the order and I decide to cancel then how does this affect my cancellation ratio? Is this a strike against me as the Seller? Will canceling hurt my ability to gain levels?

Julia (Fiverr Customer Support)

Nov 10 11:46 (IST)

Hi there,

If you send the buyer a mutual cancellation request from the Resolution Center, the cancellation will not affect your cancellation ratio (regardless of whether the buyer responds to the request).

I hope this helps.


In any case CONGRATS to @madmoo for three years here on Fiverr and for being such a great mentor and resource of knowledge to the entire Fiverr community.



There is something about cancellations when the orders are incomplete don’t affect the cancellation percentage. Fiverr brought that in about six months ago, I think. Once the order is activated (instructions are added into the field) then the cancellation is counted for the percentage. Bachas85 told me about it when I order her gig accidentally.

I’ve never tried it myself. I don’t get many incomplete orders and have one sitting there are the moment, but I’m happy to let it sit there.