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My last 4yrs experience

I recently marked 4yrs (Oct 2019) as a seller on fiverr as a writer, made over 4million naira. In all sincerity, i don’t know what i will be doing or how my life would have turned out to be without this platform. I’ve been able to sponsor my 2 siblings in the university, take good care of a family of 8, developed myself effortlessly and an opportunity to work with people all over the world. You’ve done for me what my government can’t do.

As a ghostwriter, after working for a client months ago, she offered me a 2 weeks tourist visit to the US. i just can’t name it all. Just filled with gratitude, and i feel if this should all be our attitude and stop moaning about a 20%cut. smiles

Thank you Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger.
Thank you Fiverr


@dovey_wordsmith Awesome Experience, Thanks for Share

I can absolutely relate this. Fiverr has developed me in ways I can’t imagine. I have been able to sponsor myself and my family on multiple fronts. Plus, I have learnt a lot by working with people all over the world. Great post man! Its the posts like these that inspire me and I’m sure plenty others.

Happy Fiverring :slight_smile:

I hate to be the bearer of harsh reality checks, but I’d be very careful about accepting this invite.

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