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My last Fiverr experience


After delivering the video the buyer marked the order as completed. After a while, she gave me a negative feedback and asked me why i completed the order. As you know, only the buyer can complete the order or, automatically the order is marked as completed after three days. Despite everything, i offered to make changes in the video and asked the buyer if she could please delete the negative feedback. However, she asked Fiverr to give her money back, and i remained the only one who is damaged in this situation. My gig rate decreased and also the percantage of deleted orders increased. In my 6 years of work on Fiverr and over 600 orders completed, i have never experienced anything like this.
I think that we, the sellers, are very little protected. What is your experience and opinion?
Now I saw that the video I delivered to the buyer was posted on her website. Otherwise the order has been canceled by the Fever at its request.


I will agree with you.
Here buyer are the upper ones, they are taken care of cause they bring money to fiverr and mostly in this kinda situation the seller is the one who get hurt.

Besides all that, you should contact CS and explain everything. and in support of your words you should attach some screenshots as well.

Best of luck


I think this is awesome that you’ve only had one experience like this in all that time.

It seems that you’ve had a great run so far with so many good reviews and years of sales. In my own experience, once in a while things just don’t go well with a buyer. It’s part of doing business. If it were frequent I might be concerned but it isn’t. Fiverr does go to lengths to protect buyers but I think up to a point there is a good reason for that.


You cannot please every buyer. No one can.

Good luck next time.


This is horrible. I really don’t know what to say about this other than I’m sorry you had to experience something this terrible.


Shortly after reading your post I stumbled upon this.
I don’t know whether to call it coincidence or a sign.
Maybe it’s the influence of one of those village folks called into question recently:


I got my 1* review for the same reason as you. The most annoying part was the revision that buyer ended up wanting was so minor it’d take me less than a minute to do so it wouldn’t make any sense for me to just intentionally close the order and put my stats and my work at risk.

It was back in the day when you could actually change/remove the feedback so I contacted the CS about and the CS agent to my surprise was kind of antagonistic towards me and told me to contact the buyer, ask what was the revision they wanted me to do and better do it or else.

I did it and was left with 1* and the money. The buyer actually admitted it was a misunderstanding on her part in the midst of it all.

I wonder if your buyer actually knew you couldn’t just close the order yourself and it was just the way to get both the refund and the video, though. Given how shamelessly she just took the video and used it anyway.

As for the practical advise, I always PM a buyer when an order gets autocomplete. Something along the lines of “The order was autocomplete by fiverr. If you need anything else, please message me here”.


Those days … I had an opposite to your experience.
A returning buyer ordered a gig, I completed the job, rated 5 stars and tipped me. It was good.
Then he placed another order (after 9 days or so) I completed but he kept asking for work that is not included in our initial job discussion, after several times helping him, I fed up and asked for extra revision purchases, he refused, we argued and both contacted CS, they refused to cancel for him as I proved that I did my part, then he completed the order as it is, but was allowed to EDIT the previous UNRELATED completed 5 stars order and gave me 1 for both…


I would contact customer support. I mean, it’s been years ago so it’s all hypothetical, obviously, but it’s clear that he changed first reviews out of malice so I’d be curious what they would say.

But I got an impression that even back then CS really, REALLY didn’t like to be asked to change 1* to 5* even if there was a good reason to do so.


I’m sorry to hear that the buyer has been unresponsive. I will recommend you to focus on different project and don’t force your buyer to delete feedback he/she will report against you.


This can get you banned from the site. You can’t ask buyers that. I don’t mention word “feedback” at all in my messages anymore.


This is the case I explained earlier. Now his both reviews are on my profile forever :neutral_face:
But I don’t care anymore, I cannot please all buyers.
((Remember one of the jobs was completed 9 days before the incident and I was tipped))


One more time I see this “we suggest you continue communicating with the buyer…” and I’ll explode, I swear. If I could reach any agreement with the buyer I wouldn’t be writing to CS for help. :slight_smile:

But yeah, good thinking on putting it all behind you. I moved on as well.


I think some of their keyboards instead of having Keys for “A”, “B”, “C” …etc the keys have “We cannot force a buyer to accept the delivery”, “we suggest you continue communicating with the buyer” …etc :rofl:


Means buyer have right to remove and replace their feedback. But if seller asked same thing to buyer its come’s feedback manipulating and banned from site :frowning:


Buyers cannot change feedback anymore. The screenshot displayed was from 2017.


ok I didn’t know about that Thanks :slight_smile:


some buyer are very difficult. they did not response your text time to time . but after completing your order they put negative feedback. in my opinion that is not fair.