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My latest GIG: Took 2+ hours to make it, please review if you want

Hello, so I just finished and released my newest GIG and I took 2 hours to make it:

  • Catchy + SEO oriented Title.
  • Carefully reviewed Search Tags.
  • Set all 3 packages (also included SEO keywords), offering 5$ basic to prove my skills & mentioned that in description.
  • Only 1 Revision no matter what package. I never offer unlimited revisions as this attracts SCAMMERS.
  • Brief | Clean | Catchy + SEO oriented GIG Description.
  • Finally, my Killer GIG Thumbnail which took me an extra 40 minutes to make it.

Things I think I should update:

  1. That Thumbnail Text: from pink color to more white color and only word “Ninja” should be Pink.


  1. Add FAQ section.

Please review my GIG and share your suggestions :slight_smile:

My GIG link:

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No suggestions or advises?

I must admit, your image is very eye-catching!

It’s nice to talk to somebody who took their time to make a Gig. Goodness knows how many people just throw one together then complain they’re not making sales.

The main question I have about your Gig is why is there such a disparity in price between packages – especially the Basic and Standard? From what I can see, the only difference between the two is that the more expensive one offers two more brand names. But it’s $40 more than the cheaper one! Are buyers really expected to pay $40 more for two extra names? Surely they could just order 2x your Basic package and get 8 names for $10?


@abdulsammad1991 Basic is 5$ because I want to get some reviews for this gig. I have 13 reviews in my profile but I’m not sure if the buyer will take time to visit it.

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That makes sense.

Are you not risking your potential upsells, though? I mean, if Standard was $10 but offering 20 names, or something like that, I’d consider paying the extra $5 to get great value for money.

I guess the price disparity won’t cause much harm in the short-term. Any idea how many reviews you want to get before you increase the price of your Basic package?

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Anyway, I’ll give my opinion on the questions you’re interested in!

I like your image as it is. I think it’s currently very eye-catching. I’m not a designer, though, so I don’t know how much my opinion counts!

I just know that your image would catch my eye if I were browsing.

I think I will raise the price of basic package after I get at least 20 reviews.

Thanks for the tip, I will consider to change my standart gig price and amount of domains researched. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, I just checked: this gig is on the 2-3 page with one of the search terms I have implemented in texts. :slight_smile: I think that thumbnail will do its job :smile:

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Just watch… some design wizard will come along now and say they think the image will look better with more white. Then I’ll spend the next few weeks feeling insecure about my style choices! It’s always the way. :wink:

I guess you could make it a tad more obvious that your Basic package is temporarily discounted. That could potentially offset any financial damage caused by lack of upsells (everyone likes a bargain!). I did get a sense from your description that that was the case, but I wasn’t a 100% sure.

Maybe something like Basic Package: $5 for a limited time so you can sample my talents!

You know, whatever works. Whatever feels natural.

All the best with your Gig!

I agree.

@tadas_puleikis As has already been pointed out to you by @ahmwritingco, unfortunately, I am afraid no buyer would want to purchase 6x business brands for $45 when they can get 8x business brands for 4.5 times cheaper = $10 (by purchasing your basic gig twice!)

Instead of trying to “down-sell” (which is what your current pricing seems to be encouraging), you need to convince your buyers to purchase the costlier packages (and not the basic package) by selling more # of products/services per dollar as you move from the basic to the premium package (or you could also consider keeping the # of products/services per dollar ratio constant for all the 3 packages).

I would do it sooner (if possible). :slight_smile:


Thanks for your tips, now I got it! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Really thank you! Have a nice day!

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@ahmwritingco I will probably won’t change gig thumbnail :slight_smile:

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